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Zulutrade Follower Academy: How To Be Consistantly Profitable

zulutrade-followerZulutrade is a very popular social investing network where followers (investors) can make money by following (auto copying) other experienced forex traders (signal providers).

This concept is fantastic and followers can make a really nice returns over time. However what we´ve seen again and again is that many Zulutrade followers lose their money.

Why is that?

Well, there are many factors in play like :

– they do not understand basic principles
– they do not know how to choose right signal providers
– taking huge risk by setting too big lot size
– greed
– hope mode
– not enough patience
– choosing wrong broker
– and more and more…

And so we have decided to create and publish our own Zulutrade Follower Academy which will be series of articles targeted to provide you a complete set of informations and useful tips to help you become a consistantly profitable follower on Zulutrade.

Our Zulutrade Follower Academy will cover following topics:

Demo Signal Providers
Maximum Drawdown
How To Set Correct Lot Size
Stop Loss
Max. Open Positions
Same Currency Signal Providers
NME (Necessary Minimum Equity)
Longevity Of Signal Provider
Strategy Description vs. Real Trading
Averaging Down
When Less Pips Is More Profit
Other Accounts Of One Signal Provider
Live Follower´s Earnings
Importance Of Choosing The Right Broker
Power Of Compounding

We believe that our Zulutrade Follower Academy will provide you useful informations and set you on the right path to your financial freedom.

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