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Zulutrade Automator: New Powerful Forex Social Trading Tool

zulutrade automator

Zulutrade has just once again confirmed its leadership in forex social trading industry. They have just released one of the most requested features in the history of this company- the Automator!

As we have seen many times, ZuluTrade listens to its members and followers. They have already implemented many interesting features based on inputs from the forum, feedback forms or via customer service.

One of the most frequent requests of followers was something like: “if only I could do this when that happens”.
And Zulutrade decided to create a new powerful tool that enables followers to create and execute their own automated rules, simply and really effectively!

Meet Zulutrade Automator

Imagined the ZuluTrade Automator to be your personal copy trading assistant: it can watch and notify you when certain things happen or it can even automatically execute any action you would otherwise need to do yourself.

Here are some examples requested by Zulutrade users:

• if PnL (profit and loss) from Trader  is less than $1000 then send me a notification email and lock all trades


• if realized PnL of my account is more than $1000 then close all profitable trades

This way Zulutrade Automator can save you a lot of time (and money) you would otherwise have to spend by monitoring your copy trading account.
Well, as you can see, forex social trading has become even better once again.

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