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Which Stocks To Buy In 2015? Ask Expert Tom Willacy

If you are on quest for your new hot stock investment in 2015, just wait a moment. You may take a look on Tom Willacy´s portfolio. Tom is one of stock trading experts on social investment network eToro OpenBook. Only for last year 2014, Tom was able to return over 40% profit on his investment. He only had 2 losing months. This year his stocks portfolio is up by more than 8 % in less than 2 months.


I was reviewing Tom Willacy last November and since that time his trading performance has attracted many new followers and investors who autocopy his activity. Actually number of his copiers almost doubled since then.

Tom´s current stocks portfolio consists of brands like: Facebook, Coca Cola, Honda or Daimler.

Regarding Tom´s trading strategy: Unlike many other popular investors on eToro he trades only stocks. So his trades are low leveraged and his maximum drawdown for past year was only 7,9%. Compared to his earnings it is a very reasonable number.

If you like trading record of this social stock investor you might consider autocopy  Tom Willacy and his trades.

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