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Where To Invest Money In 2015? Try Social Trading And Investing Networks

Looking for profitable ways to invest your money in 2015? Have you considered social investing on trading networks?

Social trading networks are becoming more and more popular due to a single fact that they enable ordinary people or investors to automatically copy best traders who trade stocks, currencies, commodities or indicis. This way they can make money from market without knowing how to trade.

Your first place to look could be Zulutrade. It is one of the best and largest social investment networks. The company was founded back in 2006 by Leon Yohai. It allows to connect talented forex traders (signal providers) and investors who can follow their trading signals and auto copy them to their own broker account. Investors can choose from thousands of signal providers.

The best way to start is Zulu performance ranking where you can compare signal providers by their earnings, win%, average pips/trade, number of followers and other statistics.


Next place where you could invest your money in 2015 is eToro Openbook. This social trading network was launched one year after Zulutrade in 2007, but has become very popular and currently there are over 2.75 million users in more than 140 countries worldwide.
EToro works a little bit different than its competitor Zulutrade. It is more social, users can interact and chat. However, its main goal is to connect forex traders (social trading gurus) with other users who can follow them or become copiers and auto copy their trades.
Again, the best way to look for social gurus is eToro´s ranking where you can use different criteria to find best traders to copy.


We hope that above social investing networks will become a good place to invest your money in 2015. Just remember, as with any other investing, past performance is no guarantee of future profits so invest wisely and do not risk money you cannot afford to loose.
Happy Investing.

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