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What has attracted 9 million traders to eToro?

Users base of largest global trading and investing social platform eToro has been growing rapidly during past years. There are already over 9 million people trading on eToro platform. Let´s find out what is behind this success.

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According to many customer testimonials, eToro gives them a big sense of trading community and really user friendly platform. These are just 2 of many pluses they mention.

From Houswife To Top Trader

One of great examples how eToro can change people´s life is Lena Birse (nickname Onegirl) , housewife who turned to be a top trader.

According to her own words, she started to trade on eToro because the platform was so easy to navigate that she has a  feeling that anybody can do it.

With no financial background, she was able to return 36% gain on her eToro investment in 2017. All that while her kids were at school.

Lena´s trading performance was not overlooked by other eToro members who started to copy her trades.  This way Lena became a Popular Investor with 1,187 copiers.

Watch Lena´s  Video Testimonial

Top Trader´s Advice: Just Get Started

If you are not sure about joining 9 million force of eToro members and risk own money, take advice of another successful Popular Investor Wayne Ryan (nickname goodgoing) who generated 588% profit in 2016 and 84% gain on his investment in last year.

He says:

“My advice to new traders would be: Definetely open a demo account, open some trades, test the waters first and then start opening some real trades.”

Wayne has become so popular on eToro that 6,290 traders use Copy Trading feature and autocopy his trading activity to gain same results.

eToro´s copy trading tool is ideal for those traders who lack trading experiences or time to trade.

Watch Ryan´s video testimonial

Mr. Ryan highlights couple of features on eToro trading platform that help him very much to achieve his extraordinary results. Those are live feeds and charts.

Wayne also likes eToro´s mobile trading app that allows him to monitor his trades all day long from anywhere when he does not have access to his desktop.

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Warning: Trading carries risk. Only risk capital you are prepared to lose. Past performance in not an indication of future results.

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