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TripleAFund: eToro People Based Copy Portfolio Introduction

After many years of observing forex traders and copiers on social investment network eToro Openbook and posting articles and reviews here on this blog I have decided to create my own people based copy portfolio.


Well, during those years I have seen many traders and “gurus” to generate huge returns on investments in relative short periods of time. That of course led to attracting thousands of copiers who were blinded by their performances and without any deeper analysis they jumped right in to copy those traders with their hard earned cash, only to watch it to disappear couple of weeks or months later due to reckless trading.

My TripleAFund Vision

I believe that there are reliable and safe traders on eToro. Of course it is hard to find them and not every investor has a time or will to browse and search among thousands of traders to find those pearls. That is why I created TripleAFund.

My goal is to find and copy several eToro traders who trade responsible, using safe trading styles and applying sound money management. I will closely monitor this portfolio and if some of these selected ones changes their trading to worse (like chasing losses, overtrading, martingale and so on) I will remove that trader from my portfolio and replace him/her with someone else.

For beginning I have chosen 3 traders. Each of them is focused on different market, which is another way to diversify my portfolio for safety reasons.  In future I can add more traders for wider diversification.


Above you can see a breakdown of my current portfolio.  So far I copy these traders:

4exPirate – this polish popular investor (Dawid Kowalski) trades currencies only and according to my opinion he was the best trader on eToro in 2014.

FCInvestment – german trader Christian Fahrner  is in my portfolio to diversify among markets. His main trading focus is on indicis.

Tom Willacy – I have chosen this UK trader because he trades only stocks and I liked his past performance.

This way my portfolio is well diversified among different markets. I will publish regular monthly updates where you can read about TripleAFund portfolio. So stay tuned.

Altough I make every effort to create a safe portfolio that will provide steady growth, if you wish to become TripleAFund copier , note that past performance is no guarantee of future profits and so do not invest any money are are not prepared to lose.

BTW…if you are looking at some get rich quick investment, TripleAFund is not for you. I seek gains somewhere around 20% p.a. My main goal is a capital protection and slow but steady compounded growth.

Warning: Trading carries risk. Only risk capital you are prepared to lose. Past performance in not an indication of future results.


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