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This Forex Trader Made $333,000 To His Followers

Checking Zulutrade ranking is my daily routine. If you do that too, you know that forex social traders on top positions change very often. That is caused by zulu ranking algorithm that takes many factors into account.

After years of observing this popular social investing network I have realized that seeing somebody in TOP10 does not means that person is a good and reliable trader worth following or copying.  Often you can see traders with 15 weeks of trading history on #1 position only to blow many thousand $$$ of his followers couple of weeks later.

So how to find someone to follow?

First I looked for most followed traders and then I sorted Zulutrade ranking by “Live Followers Profit” column. Here are top 2 results.

absolute piper

Most followed forex trader on social investing network Zulutrade is Absolute Piper who has 2,075 people following or copying his trades.  As you can see on the screenshot above, he has already earned over $333,000 for his followers.

Good to know that some people are able to make some money by following Zulutrade traders.

Second most followed forex guru on Zulutrade is AdaTradingSystem with 1,969 followers.  But in terms of followers profit he cannot compete with Absolute Piper because so far he was able to earn only $27,948 for his copiers. Of course that can change in future.


As you could see, making money on Zulutrade is possible if you follow right signal providers. However, to find them requires little more effort than only clicking “follow” button next to top positioned traders.

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