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Syndicate Social Stock Trading….Buy Famous Brands For $10

etoro-stocks-give-awayTime to buy some stocks! And I mean big brands stocks. Ever wanted to invest in famous brands whose stock is priced at couple of hundred or thousands dollars?

Would you like to invest for example in:

ARM Holdings (price: 874)
Anglo American (price: 1,350)
Rio Tinto (price: 2,980)
British American Tobacco (price:3,633)
Schroders (price: 2,544)
Astra Zeneca (price: 4,563)
Shire (price: 4,240)
Next (price: 6,485)
SSE (price: 1,578)

or other cool brands like: Google, Apple, Mc Donalds, Boeing, BMW….

Believe me or not, now you can buy any of these stocks (and many more) from as little as $10!

Social investing network eToro presents you something what I call syndicate stock investing or trading.

How it Works?

Let´s pretend you´d like to invest in British American Tobacco. Today´s stock price is 3,633. Oooopss…you do not have that kind of money to buy 1 stock. No problem. eToro allows you to invest from as little as $10. eToro adds you to one basket with other people who would like to invest same way as you and buy shares. Your potential profit will be also calculated proportionally.

Copy The Best

Social network eToro also allows you to invest to stocks, commodities or currencies with best traders by copying their moves. Simply follow them, autocopy their trades and achieve the same profit.

If you like this idea, see list of all stocks that are available to invest in from as little as $10.

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