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SwissRunner vs. “Save Our Swiss Gold” Referendum

swissrunnerForex social trader (signal provider or SP) SwissRunner has been a long term member of Top10 group in Zulu Ranking.

Quick Stats:

Profit: 6,641 pips
ROI: 112% p.a.
Average pips per trade: 8 pips
Max. Drawdown:  30% (2k)
Followers: 2,284

What´s New?

This forex guru from Switzerland has been trading only one currency pair so far – EUR/CHF. Recently he has added a new pair to hist trading portfolio – AUD/CAD. The reason behind this is unknown. We can only speculate that swiss franc currently doesn´t move in his favor and so he wants to make some profit on this new pair.

Another important news about SwissRunner is that currently he holds many long positions on Swiss Franc and is adding even more. That can be a big problem for this signal provider as Switzerland is having “Save Our Swiss Gold” referendum on 30. november. If the result of this referendum will be possitive (Yes) it may cause that Swiss Franc will become stronger and SwissRunner will experience a big drawdown.

It´ll be interesting to watch him how he can manage that situation. We´ll update you for sure.

Meanwhile I recommend you to check more profitable traders who trade also EUR/CHF pair. You might spot someone who will be worth following and copying.

As always, remember that past performance is no guarantee of future profit. So invest wisely and do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose.

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