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Swiss Trader FX Dominus Has Just Reached 1000 Followers Milestone

Swiss forex trader FX Dominus is not any newbie on Zulutrade. This signal provider has survived 60 weeks in forex trading battle and currently he occupies 14th place in Zulu performance ranking. Since february 2013 he attacks Top10 and his best place was 6th.

Probably that helped him to achieve that magic number of 1,000 followers. Total amount of money following him is now almost $1,5 million. Fx Dominus trading results are also very good as he had no losing month so far. He averages between 100 to 450 pips per month. Annualized return on investment is 205%. His total profit so far is over 3,000 pips. He opens maximum 4 positions at the same time.


The only worry can be his max. drawdown which is 29% (937 pips), but if you set your lot size carefully that should not be any problem.
According to Zulutrade´s Necessary Minimum Equity indicator you should have $134 per each microlot you copy from FX Dominus. That would guarantee you a safe trading provided this swiss signal provider doesn´t change his trading style and his drawdown doesn´t get couple of times bigger.

It seems that FX Dominus is popular among his followers as he earned 4star badge. This badge says that average user rating is 4 stars. Another indicator says that 75% of follower´s comments are positive.

If you decide to follow this social trader, best broker to choose is one of these: AAA FX, Admiral AS, FX Optimax, Gain UK or XE markets. These have lowest slippage (under 1 pip) . On the other side are brokers like Youtrade Fx and Nord Fx, where slippage is between 4 and 5 pips.


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