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Stock Trading Guru In My Team: TripleAFund Update #9

In my today update I would like to inform you about recent changes in my people based copy trading portfolio TripleAFund.


I decided to remove Declan Fallon from my portfolio. Since I added him, he was showing losing month after losing month. I was very patient, but 7 losing months in a row was enough for me. Monthly losses were not so big, but anyway, I removed Declan couple of days ago.


So, who replaced Declan?

Alvin de Cruz has been chosen.  Alvin has been trading mainly stocks, so I think that will be a good diversification to my other copy trading portfolio members who focus more on currencies, indicis or commodities.
If you wish to learn more about Alvin, you can read my interview with him I published couple of months ago.
Interview with Alvin De Cruz: Social Stock Trading Guru on eToro


My current TripleAFund portfolio:

1) 4exPirate
2) Alvin de Cruz
3) Noa Strijbos
4) Running Chris
5) Also from time to time I also trade manually myself

Performance of my portfolio:

If you are curious how my people based copy trading portfolio performes, just check this screenshot.

AAA fund
No spectacular profits, one might say. But remember that TripleAFund´s goal is not to make huge gains with huge risks. Instead, I am looking for a safe way to generate consistant profits and use power of compounding in future.
That is why I do not blindly copy etoro traders, but I analyze their trading styles and  actively manage my portfolio on regular bases.

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