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Stephen John Charles Bliss Gained 628% in the Last 12 Months

stebliss Today I would like to present you a copy trader who has been very busy generating huge profits during last 12 months.

He comes from the United Kingdom and his name is Stephen John Charles Bliss (alias stebliss).

As you can see on the image, this trader has gained over 628% profit in the last 12 month.

That is pretty amazing, don´t you think?

Stephen is trading these assets: cryptos, stocks, currencies and from time to time also commodities. But his main focus goes to cryptos and stocks.

Stephen has been attracted to social investing platform in 2014, but his first year was not successful at all. He lost half of his trading capital. Next year was better, he booked +36% gain. Following year 2016 ended in break even, but then last year he boomed and took home +893% profit! I suspect that was caused by cryptocurrencies boom.

stebliss copiersAnyway, he got spotted by other eToro traders and 5,786 of them became his copiers and started to copy his trading activity.

So now over $5 million dollars is under Stephen´s management.

However, some of them started to leave (uncopy) him as this year has not started very well and Stebliss is in -15% drawdown which is for many copiers unbearable.

But this drawdown is nothing unusual because his stats reveal that his maximum yearly DD was -38%.

So if you like the way Stephen John Charles Bliss (alias stebliss) trades simply accept that drawdowns are part of the trading game and add him to your people based portfolio.

Warning: Trading carries risk. Only risk capital you are prepared to lose. Past performance in not an indication of future results.

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