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Social Trader MrThor7734 Gained 134% p.a.

Today I would like to review another popular social trader on eToro platform. Tom Barson (alias MrThor7734) is UK based copy trader who has gained +134% profit during last 12 months.

social trader Mr Thor7734

We cannot do anything but to congratulate this social trader to his impressive achievement. And if you think that Tom has doubled his trading account by chance only I would advice you to take a quick look at his full trading statistics.

Tom has started his trading career on eToro on March 2016 and at the end of that year he was sitting on a very nice 21% profit. But last year he was just heating up because his YTD earnings are +103%.

social trader MrThor stats

It is no surprise that social trader Tom Barson has been noticed not only by many eToro members but also by eToro´s stuff and recently he has been added among top featured social traders on Copy People page.

That plus his wonderful trading results has caused a rapid increase of his copiers base. As you can see on the following screenshot, 1,362 people copy his trading signals and only in last 7 days he has accrued 627 new copiers.

socil trader copiers

Before you decide to copy this social trader you should learn something about his profitable trading strategy. Tom likes to diversify his trading portfolio among more assets.

Here is a breakdown of his assets for last 12 months:

50.08%  of trades are stocks
21.44% goes to commodities
16.17% of his trades are cryptocurrencies
9.57% goes to indices
2.10% are currency pairs
0.65% are ETF trades
0.22% goes for copying other social traders


MrThor7734 was fairly busy trading last 12 months executing 952 trades.  70% of them were closed with profit.
Every week Tom opens on average 18 new trades and keep them live for about 1 month in average.

risk score

His current risk score is 4 (out of 10) which is very good, but he already was at 5 and one month he was even touching risk score 7!  On the other side his maximum yearly drawdown was only -12.59% which is OK.

Last Words:

To be honest I do not know what to think about this UK social trader Tom Barson (alias MrThor7734). On a bright side is that his trading performance is outstanding. It looks like he is on the right track to close second year in row in healthy profit. His yearly DD is not big. Thousands of copiers trust him. All of that might give you a peace of mind


On the other side if you take a look at his current open positions you can see this

martingale forex

It looks like that social trader Tom Barson  is playing a little bit of martingale game here which I have to admit worries me.

I know it is not possible to completely evaluate his trading style based on few charts and tables alone, but always when I see something like that, it reminds me of many eToro social traders who one day were among top copied trading gurus and the day after their trading accounts were showing only big ZERO.

I think that only time will tell if my worries were legitimate or not.

Warning: Trading carries risk. Only risk capital you are prepared to lose. Past performance in not an indication of future results.


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