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Social Trader Madaz Made +$75k/day. Best Trading Day Ever!

Do you remember which was your best trading day ever? How much money did you make that day?
Social trader Madaz knows it exactly. He made +$75,579 profit in one single trading day making only 2 trades.
One of these exceptional trades was on $LFIN stock using his halt-resume washout long trading strategy. This trade brought him +$45,614 profit in only 6 minutes! Wow…watch the following video where Madaz explains how he did it.

Who is social trader Madaz?

Madaz is in trading community a well known full time trader from Los Angeles.

After graduating with Bachelor degree in Structual Engineering he couldn´t find a good engineering job due to recession and so he pursued other ways of making money. He met a collegue who drove Lotus Elise and was buying luxurious items despite not having high salary. Madaz was curious about his income streams and when he found out that all those money were coming from trading stocks an idea was born.

He opened his first trading account and used his $6,000 savings to start his new career. Initially he traded IPOs which seemed to be an easy and quick way of making money. But very soon he realized that it was not as easy as it looked at the beginning and so he turned his focus on trading penny stocks.

Penny stocks were not easy to trade for him either. After big losses he had to slowly and painfully learn about their nature but eventually he was able to acquire a proper trading mindset and create his own winning trading strategy.
Soon he was able to turn his initial balance $6,000 to $43,000.

However, in 2012 his recklessness led him to almost lose his trading account when only $7,000 was left. That was time when Madaz considered quitting his trading career.

He took 3 months break to restore his trading mindset and learnt to control his emontions.  Madaz took his remaining $7,000 and gave trading the last shot. Max created a new winning trading strategy which made him very well  known in social trading community.

Thanks to trading he was able to retire at age of 25. Currently is stocks trading his main source of income, where he is able to make several times over what he would be able to make as an engineer.

Max´s main trading system is a high percentage scalping mainly during opening bells. His popular trading strategies are halt and resume , washout long or panic pop short. Madaz likes to frequently share his trading knowledge with community by publishing his trading sessions videos on Youtube or other social networks.

Warning: Trading carries risk. Only risk capital you are prepared to lose. Past performance in not an indication of future results.

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