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Social Trader Alexandru Cinca | 91% profit in the last 12 months

social trader Romanian social trader Alexandru Cinca is no novice on social trading platform eToro. His trading record started in december 2012. Since that time Alexandru managed to close each year in profit.  Usually his yearly gains were in range of 10 to 18% p.a. but last year 2017 was a completely different story.

In 2017 Alexandru Cinca gained 103% trading mainly stocks and cryptocurrencies.

His last year performance has catapulted him among best signal providers or copy traders on eToro. As a result of that Alexandru is copied by 5,716 traders.

These people had put somewhere between $2 and $5 million under his management expecting him to grow their money.

Alexandru´s Trading Strategy

If you would like to know more about his trading strategy, probably you can get best insight  from Alexandru´s own description from his eToro´s trading profile:

I’m playing the stock market from a professional poker player’s perspective. I make what some might call questionable trades, but have no interest in short-term profits.

We are playing the long game with very low variance and as close to guaranteed return as possible. The math is there, we just gotta read between the lines.


We could say that Alexandru has a low risk trading system. According to eToro´s risk  algorithm he trades with risk score 4 on a 1-to-10 risk scale.

His maximum yearly drawdown was only -12,85% which is very good and if you are looking for a good addition to your eToro copy trading portfolio social trader Alexandru Cinca may be a good choice.

Warning: Trading carries risk. Only risk capital you are prepared to lose. Past performance in not an indication of future results.



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