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Social Forex AutoTrade Platform From MyFxBook Added New Features

ignoreAutoTrade is the signal copying service from Myfxbook. It has just been announced that there are new features added.  That will amke your trading experience more easier and convenient.

First of all, auto copying of signals has become more customized, in line with the follower’s own trading plans and strategies. This is possible thanks to the Symbol Ignore List that was added to the panel of settings.

For example you’d like to copy the signals of a particular trading system that trades multiple currency pairs but you don´t  want to copy the USD/CAD and the NZD/AUD pairs.  So you simply select those in the Ignore list and these trades will not be copied on your account.

AutoTrade offers copiers variety custom settings like the maximum number of open trades, balance limits or maximum drawdown levels, decision to trade with fixed lots or even choosing  allowed trading hours.

Other large social investment networks also offer certain customization of copying signals – ZuluTrade, for example, allows its users to control things like drawdown limits and the max. open trades , but they also can copy the signals in a reverse manner. The same feature has also been recently introduced on InstaForex’s ForexCopy.

About Myfxbook

Myfxbook is a social Forex community that offers online automated analytical tool for all Forex trading accounts. It allows tracking, analyzing and sharing your trading activity with other traders or visitors. Tools on this portal can be used to improve  one´s trading skills and even publishing a trading account statement.

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