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Real Money Signal Provider Russia007 Review (september 2013)

Today we are reviewing real money signal provider Russia007 . This American trader has been trading for more than 1 year, but he linked his live account to Zulutrade only couple of weeks ago. So despite his great trading performance he only has 223 followers with $400k following him. But if he continues the same way as last 5 months those numbers will grow very quickly.


Pros of this signal provider are that he sends signals from live real money account, he has very low relative account drawdown, very good average pips per trade profits, he applies stop levels and has a very good performance past 7 months

Cons of Russia007 are that maximum open trades and maximum stop level unknown (i.e. total risk unknown), strategy and results in trader´s live account are slightly different due to different trade sizing and he has not many followers (so not traded for others)

Total profits up to date reported on ZuluTrade are 11,241 pips, so overall something under 1,000 pips per month.  An average pips return per trade of 21 (overall) and 43 (past 6 months) is very healthy.

These results were achieved with max. drawdown so far of 386 pips (which is relatively low) and an account drawdown of -1,685 pips (less impressive but occurred in first 5 months).

Russia007 describes his strategy as a combination of technical and fundamental analysis. He is monitoring 15 different currency pairs.

The strategy of this forex trader is clearly medium term, he holds his trades open in average of 6 days and profits are left to run as well (best trade +387 pips and regular trades closed over 100 pips profit).

While Russia007 use their live trading account to send signals, he uses different lot sizes (0.02/0.03/0.05) and so your results might be a little different as your copied trades will have fixed lot size as set by you in your Zulutrade account.

In summary, the results of Russia007 over the past 7 months have been very good. The question is if he can keep his calm when there are negative feedbacks after his followers base become much larger.

Just remember that past performance is no guarantee of future profits and so do not risk more you can afford to loose. Set your lot size wisely.

Have a nice day and Enjoy The Life

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