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PTWStructure: Does he Deserve To Be Top Ranked by Zulutrade? What Do You Think?

Do you think that russian signal provider PTWStructure deserves to be #2 in Zulutrade ranking?

Why am I asking you this question? Well, PTWStructure has made 187 trades so far. Three of them were extraordinary!! I must admit. He made more than 3,000 pips on them. But I am still not sure, he should be ranked so high by Zulutrade. Why?

Watch my video or read article below, where I explain the whole thing. You can post your comments below this article or on our Forex Social Trader YouTube Channel. I will love to hear your opinion from you.

Today I would like to present you PTWStructure signal provider from Russia, which is currently on 2nd position in Zulutrade ranking.

There is really funny thing I would like to talk about, because I am not sure if this trader deserves to be number 2 in Zulutrade ranking

If you look at his profit, it is 3.5k so it looks cool because he has been providing signals for just only 15 weeks, also his maximum drawdown is only 4%, or expressed in pips only 150.

You might think that this trader is very good considering his annualized return on investment calculated by Zulutrade is more than 2,500%

PTWStructure zulutrade signal provider basic stats

Let me explain why I think PTWStructure trader should not be number 2 in Zulutrade rankings.

Let’s look at PTWStructure detailed statistics page, here we can see profit 3,546 pips generated in only 15 weeks, and this Zulutrade signal provider has already attracted 574 followers.

And here is the thing I am talking about, trader PTWStructure has started trading in Novemeber 2014, as we can see on his profit chart, until January 2015 he was kind of breakeven trader his profit was negative -24.5 pips, and all of a sudden there is huge jump of profit up to 3,769 pips, on 15th January 2015.

PTWStructure detailed zulutrade statistics

So what exactly happened?

Let’s check then PTWStructure past performance trading history table. He was trading for a while with some small profits and small losses, overall he was break-even trader for long time, and suddenly there were 3 trades which made all his profit within literally 1 hour on 15th January 2015,

There were 3 trades:
1)    GBP/CHF
2)    USD/CHF
3)    AUD/CHF

All those trades were opened more or less at the same time around 9:30am on 15th January 2015, and 1 hour later all those 3 trades were closed generating handsome profit of well over 3000 pips! As presented on the screen shot below.

Zulutrade signal provider PTWStructure 3 magic trades

Maybe this Zulutrade signal provider had some kind of magic ball where he could foresee the future or something like that, because it was exactly the time when Swiss central bank stopped protecting 1.2 floor on EUR/CHF. It is also interesting that those 3 trades had 0pips draw downs, so they were clearly in very strong direct trend.

Perhaps he was looking at fundamental news or just was lucky, anyway those 3 trades worked out very well for him. Well done to PTWStructure trader!!!

But my question remains;

Do you think PTWStructure trader should be positioned number 2 in Zulutrade ranking or not???

Those followers who were following this trader when he opened and closed those 3 trades must be very happy because they made really good profit, but most likely there were not many of them, because when we check performance/ranking we can see that PTWStructure trader was ranked at position 46,843 before taking profit from those 3 magic trades, and after closing those 3 trades he has been catapulted straight into position 17th in Zulutrade rankings. Since then he has attracted 574 followers.

PTWStructure low rank with zulutrade screen shot

PTWStructure zulutrade signal provider high rank screen shot

Lets look at his trading performance, he opens on average 40 trades monthly. During his whole trading career on Zulutrade 41% trades were winners.

Let’s look at his monthly profit/loss chart, we can see December 2014 break even, January 2015 extremely good month (thanks to those 3 magic trades described above) February -98.70 pips, small loss, and in March 2015 9.8 pips small profit, which can be obviously call break-even.

In February and March 2015 by executing 80 trades and PTWStructure Zulutrade signal provider did not make any profit what so ever.

PTWStructure zulutrade profit loss chart

What do you think about PTWStructure? Do you think this Zulutrade signal provider PTWStructure should be number 2 in Zulutrade rankings or not?

Because he earned 2nd position in Zulutrade rankings thanks to only those 3 magic trades on Swiss Franc, which he executed on January 15th 2015.

If we zoom in his profit chart to focus on time frame from 15th January until today, we can see that PTWStructure is in loss since then during this 2 months’ time period.

The funniest thing is that during last 2 months PTWStructure is continually losing money, but Zulutrade seems to keep improving PTWStructure trader position and as a result he is gradually climbing up in Zulutrade rankings reaching 2nd position just recently.

PTWStructure recent trading performance chart

PTWStructure zulutrade signal provider climbing up in zulu ranking

It is really strange thing, how Zulutrade ranking algorithm works, which allowed PTWStructure trader to earn 2nd position in Zulutrade ranking table of top traders, because of just making 3 good lucky trades but other than that he keeps loosing or in the best case scenario breaking even. Perhaps he would be able to catch another strong market move in the future to improve his profit even further, we shall see.

But for now, I just wanted to leave readers of our blog with this one question once again;

Do you think Zulutrade signal provider PTWStructure deserves his top position or not???

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