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Proof That People Make Money On Forex Copy Trading

“Can people really make any money on forex copy trading?”

That is one of questions that is asked very often. Forex social trading is booming lately, new investors would love to invest and make some respectable returns on copy trading, but then there are stories about busted trading accounts and signal providers who lost many thousands of their follower´s money due to their reckless trading methods.

But that is not a subject of this article. If you wish to learn how to avoid those reckless traders and protect your invested money, visit our Zulutrade Follower Academy.

Back to our original question. And here is the answer:

Yes, people can make nice money on forex copy trading. And here is the proof:

When you check Zulutrade ranking table and sort signal providers/traders by Live Followers Profit, you will see who can make money for his investors and who not. I did it today and here are results:

money makers copy trading proof

Absolute Piper is number one on this list. On the screenshot above you can see Live Followers Profit amount highlighted in green. This signal provider has made more than $320,000 of profit for his followers.
The amount is a sum of profits and losses of all his followers and investors.

As you scroll down on that table, there are more traders who earned profits for their investors.

Enough said, I think this is a real proof that people can really make money on forex copy trading if they follow right signal providers and set their lot sizes correctly.

Note: Forex trading can be risky. Past results are no guarantee of future profits. So do not risk any money you cannot afford to loose.

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