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Profitable eToro Copy Portfolio Again: TripleAFund Update #4

TripleAFundMay 2015 is over and that means 5 months has passed since opening my people based copy portfolio TripleAFund on social investing network eToro.

So I decided to write this short update to review those 5 months and trading performance of my copy portfolio.

As you can see on the screenshot below, first month January was so far the worst month as my copy portfolio lost 4.26%.  That was caused by FcInvestment alias Christian Fahrner. He has been having bad year in terms of trading performance. In January he was down 22.26% and in total this year he is down 32.55%. That is not what I intended for my TripleAFund people based copy portfolio on eToro so I stopped copying him and removed him from my portfolio.

trading performance

February was almost break even month, not much happened in terms of profit/loss.

I am glad that March, April and May ended with profit.  These months recovered my January loss and also turned my copy portfolio in slight profit.

I know that 1.48% is nothing spectacular, but huge 100% + gains in couple of months are not part of the plan for TripleAFund.

I have been there, I have seen it and I didn´t like it!

What am I talking about? I mean those quick, huge gains. I have been observing and testing social investment networks like eToro or Zulutrade for many years. I was thrilled by possibility to make fast money, but many times I lost all because big profits are always tied to big risks. And I do not like it anymore. Therefore, with TripleAFund I have done it opposite way. Capital protection is my main priority. I will be happy with 10% p.a. profit for many years, rather than 100% in 5 months and busted account in 8 months.

My current TripleAFund portfolio:

1) Strategic Trader
2) Tom Willacy
3) 4exPirate
4) Also from time to time I also trade manually myself

Currently there are 3 etoro investors I copy. Strategic Trader replaced FcInvestment. Tom  Willacy and 4exPirate are with me since beginning.  My portfolio is not solely people based copy portfolio as from time to time I do some manual trading. One time currencies, another time stocks, commodities or indicis.

My plans:

Next month or in the near future I would like to add a new copy trader to the portfolio. I am not decided who it will be yet. Still considering couple of popular investors and testing them on virtual money demo account. As soon as I add someone I will post another TripleAFund update. Also I would like to increase percentage of my own manual trades. Not very much, but somewhere around 10% of total trading balance level would be fine.

If you have made it here, thank you for your attention and stay tuned for next update 🙂

Warning: Trading carries risk. Only risk capital you are prepared to lose. Past performance in not an indication of future results.

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  • charles

    Do you think the spread in etoro is too high? Athough it seems not affect the result as the providers also trade in etoro.