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Noa Strijbos > New Copy Trading Guru In My Portfolio: TripleAFund Update #7

copy trading guruAs I promised in my last TripleAFund update, here is a short description of a new copy trading guru in my people based portfolio.

My new trading guru I copy is Noa Strijbos alias NoasNoas from Netherland. This lady is currently one of the most popular investors on eToro with more than 31,000 followers and 4,748 copiers.

Her trading performance is very impressive and risk score was never bigger than 5.

By the way, Noa is not only popular within social investment network eToro. She was also interviewed by well known media Reuters. Read the interview.

Well, I believe that my new copy trading guru Noa Strijbos will make contribute to profitability of my TripleAFund copy portfolio.

What else is going on on TripleAFund?

Well, my previous addition Fallond is having a drawdown time. I contacted him and based on our discussion I will give him some more time to recover.

My oldest copy trading guru 4exPirate started to trade a little bit more aggressively, opening more positions. Here is is comment:

Citation: “Dear Copiers,

Pls remember when I’m trading not checking open book anyway I see some comments :).

Yes we are trading a little bit more aggressive.

1. It has been boring 2 month of vacation and now market is starting to move so want to make some money.

2. All my long term copiers know about it that I consider the risk on my full portfolio. So if we are +10% in 2015 and risking 11% on trades if we loose I will lose only 1% from my initial deposit. We will finish in December than we can check our HPR or what ever you want 😉

If you want you can always lower your risk some trades are in green and pls olny long term copiers.

Wish You all the best !

But overall, 4exPirate is still profitable so everything is OK.

My current TripleAFund portfolio:

1) 4exPirate
2) Declan Fallon
3) Noa Strijbos
4) Also from time to time I also trade manually myself

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