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SteadyCapture (v) is New Horse In My Stables: My Zulutrade Portfolio (week 5 update)

It has been 5 weeks since launch of my zulutrade paper portfolio. Below you can find a short update video or transcribed text about performance of signal providers in my forex copy portfolio.

There is also a new addition to my zulutrade portfolio, namely:

SteadyCapture (v) Zulutrade forex signal provider from Canada.

Performance after Week 5

All signal providers except Forexray secured some profit last this week which is a positive result. Although we are still in a slight loss, but thanks to a “new horse in my stables” SteadyCapture (v) forex signal provider from Canada, my forex copy portfolio recovered part of previous weeks losses.


It is week 5 of my zulutrade paper trading portfolio and another update. Last week I had no time to create a video, so I published just a short article, then. But today I created a video with updates of my Zulutrade portfolio performance for last 5th week. You can watch a video above or read transcribed text below.

After week 4, my portfolio was -6.88% in loss. I was following Cycle et Nature but week before I decided to remove this forex signal provider and replace him with a new trader SteadyCapture (v) forex zulutrade signal provider from Canada, so today we see how he was performing for first week in my zulutrade portfolio.

Firstly, lets see Forexray trades executed last week.

Forexray Zulutrade signal provider had one opened trade since week before, that trade was closed with 55.8pips profit, but there was another trade EUR/USD currency pair, which closed with a loss of 252pips, so in total Forexray booked a loss of almost 200pips for last week.

Forexray zulutrade signal provider last week (5) performance

Forexray signal provider was in my portfolio for 4 weeks, almost 1 month, his total performance is loss of 201pips, so I hope he would perform better in the future.

Next signal provider in my Zulutrade portfolio is Beyonder.

He is currently experiencing a drawdown phase, we hope that he will recover from his losses, so let’s check how he was doing last week.

Beyonder zulutrade forex signal provider executed 10 trades last week, so he was quite busy, some of the trades were losers, and some of the trades were winners. Let’s have a closer detailed look his performance last week and total closing balance.

The balance a week before was 557pips, currently it is 587pips, so last week brought 30pips profit. However, overall after 5 weeks in my zulutrade portfolio Beyonder signal provider is in loss of 119.9pips, which is not a really big loss in total. We shall find out how he would perform in the future and if he would be able to recover.

Beyonder forex zulutrade signal provider week 5 performance update

Up to this date, max opened trades 1, maximum drawdown 67pips, so I think Beyonder is sticking to his trading strategy, then for now I still keep this trader zulutrade signal provider in my portfolio.

Next on my list is PooTumW zulutrade signal provider from Thailand.

Currently a profit of 2.5pips with opened trades. Up to this update: Max opened trades 1, maximum drawdown 103pips, looks that he sticks to his trading strategy, so I keep this trader in my portfolio.

PooTumW last week performance in details.

PooTumW forex zulutrade signal provider week 5 performace update

There were 4 profitable trades, 1 loosing trade, so in total his profit was 103pips, which is really cool. PooTumW forex signal provider was profitable every week since joined my zulutrade performance test portfolio.

His total profit in pips is almost 300 pips, (exactly 294.8pips) Certainly PooTumW is the best forex signal provider in my zulutrade testing performance portfolio, so far.

Next “mambo trding” forex signal provider from Sri Lanka.

“mambo trding” signal provider has been in my zulutrade portfolio since the beginning of the performance test, for the whole 5 weeks.

Currently “mambo trding” is also in a drawdown phase, hopefully his equity chart start to move up.

This week performance, “mambo trding” executed in total 3 trades, where 2 of them were winning trades, and one loosing trade. In summary this week was profitable for “mambo trding”, he took finally 73pips profit, because for last 4 weeks he got only loosing trades. This week 73pips profit but in total it is 184pips in loss.

“mambo trding” forex zulutrade signal provider week 5 performance update

Next, SteadyCapture (v) forex signal provider, Canadian trader, my new addition to Zulutrade portfolio.

We can read in latest status update by zulutrade forex signal provider SteadyCapture (v):

“Back at all-time highs. Thanks for following!”

SteadyCapture (v) forex Zulutrade signal provider, basic trader statistics screen-shot.

SteadyCapture (v) is running very well, this Canadian forex trader has been trading on Zulutrade for 155 weeks. On the screen-shot below with the last week performance, we can see that SteadyCapture (v) executed 7 trades. All those 7 trades were winning trades, generating in total 131pips of profit for this Canadian trader. It is his first week in my zulutrade performace test portfolio, and I hope that SteadyCapture (v) will continue to perform very well in the future, as well. Currently SteadyCapture (v) forex signal provider is number 14th according to zulutrade ranking list of top traders.

SteadyCapture (v) zulutrade forex signal provider week 5 performance update, recently executed trades

This was just the short update of my zulutrade performace test portfolio.
Stay tuned for next week update, thank you for watching.

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