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Sergey Kovalonok | New Copy Trader For Your Portfolio

Portfolio rebalancing is a well know technique used by serious investors. If you are looking for a new addition to your copy portfolio or simply need to put more weight on stock copy traders, Sergey Kovalonok (alias BalanceAM) might be the way to go.  Focus of this Latvian popular investor is 100% on trading stocks. No currencies, no commodities, no cryptos, only stocks.

copy trader1. Trader´s Introduction

Sergey is from Latvia and as I already mentioned he only trades stocks. His active portfolio usually contains 5-10 stocks with x1-x2 leverage.

His trading strategy is set to keep his overall risk score low.

Sergey says he has 8 years of trading experience, however he opened this trading account with social investing platform eToro only last year.

But since then he was able to to gain more than 40% profit.

Sergey rotates his trading portfolio at the end of each quarter and uses short positions as a diversification tool.

Sergey´s profit expectations are 60% per annum.

2. Trader´s Trading Performance

In 2017 Sergey traded on eToro since October only but during those 3 months he took home +20.13% profit.


This year he is doing also very well when his YTD profit is  at +19.23%. I am really curious if he can achieve promised +60% at the end of this trading year.

3. Trader´s Risk Score

Sergey keeps his trading risk score low. Currently at level 4 out of 10 possible on eToro´s risk scale.

If you decide to copy his etoro signals, based on historical data, you can expect to experience maximum drawdown:

– daily -4.85%
– weekly -9.18%
– yearly -9.59%

Of course these are historical data and future results can be different.

4. Trader´s Popularity

copiersDespite the fact that copy trader Sergey Kovalonok has started his career as a popular investor on eToro only last year, he was already selected by editors and placed among Featured Trader on “Copy People” page.

That has earned him a lot of display time in front of millions of eToro members.

No surprise that number of Sergey´s copiers grow each day.

Currently there are 223 people copying his trading activity and only in last 7 days number of his copiers grew by almost 25%.

At the moment, copy trader Sergey has between $300k and $1 million copy assets under his management.


5. Trader´s Favourite Assets

Everything was already said. Sergey trades only stocks, nothing else.


6. Pros and Cons

In this section I would like to shortly list couple of pros and cons of this trader so you can better decide whether you give him a chance to trade with your money or not.


– healthy profit in 2017
– risk score  4
– 8 years of trading experience


– short trading record on eToro


7. Last Words

To be honest, under different circumstances I would not write this article about Latvian copy trader Sergey Kovalonok (alias BalanceAM) because his trading record on eToro is very short. Less than one year. But eToro´s editorial team has chosen him as Featured Trader so I decided to publish this article.

If you want to copy Sergey, do not do it with 100% of your trading capital. I would go for 5-10% and see how he does in near future. Later you can increase your copy allocation.


Warning: All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose. Past performance does not guarantee future results. This post is for educational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice

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