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MyFXBook AutoTrade Mirroring Service Has New Features

AutoTrade Mirroring service from MyFXBook was enriched by couple of new features:

AutoTrade Grouping – Trades and orders are now grouped by the provider which makes it easy to see in real time each provider’s trades/orders and profits:

You can minimize/maximize each of the providers separately and collectively.

Provider pause mode – if you wish to stop a provider from making any new trades yet do not wish to remove it from your AutoTrade portfolio, you can do so with a click of a button.

The status of the provider can be clearly seen with a red/green state near the avatar.

Advanced settings – which provide you complete control over the provider’s settings.

Clicking the settings icon will pop up the following options:

Total Lots – Max allowed total lots of open trades and orders

Total Open Trades – Max allowed open trades and orders

Balance Stop ($) – Stop trading if balance is below this value

Drawdown Stop (%) – Stop trading if floating drawdown is above this value

Fixed Lots: Open each trade/order with fixed lots

Allowed Trading Hours – an easy to edit table to control the exact allowed/disallowed trading times for the AutoTrade provider.

New Trade/Order Email notification – you’re now notified of any new activity in your live AutoTrade account, by email (Notifications can be disabled in user settings).

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