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My Zulutrade Portfolio Performance Update (Week 1)

diversified-autocopy-etoro-portfolioOne week has just passed so as promised here is a first performance update of my paper copy trading Zulutrade portfolio.

So, how did my selected signal providers performed?

First of all I have to say, that one of them, Absolute Piper has broken his own strategy rules right after I have added him to my portfolio. 🙁

It is even more disappointing that he was doing very well for almost 2 years. He has never surpassed 500 pips drawdown on open trades. That level was set by himself in his strategy description. But this week he let his EUR/GBP trades opened despite the fact the max. DD level was already reached. This behaviour caused that his new max. DD is now 1,080 pips, more than twice as big as before.

There was also one more thing that bothers me…the fact he did not use any stoploss on his open trades at all. That made me thinking about removing him from my portfolio. On the other side, I was tempting to give him a second chance and simply accept the fact that I can expect max. drawdown of 1,000 pips can happen again.  While I am following him with 1 microlot only, that would mean $100 loss (10%) on my balance.

Then I read his new status update. Here is a part of it: “…………This time was the worst one in my career and to be honest I did not have the experience how to deal with the situation. Why? Because it is the first time I surpass a dd of 400pips! I agree with you that I had to close the positions when they reached the dd of 500pips……..

That really surprised me. If I tell you that I will close my positions when they reach 500 pips DD and when it happens I let them open with no stoploss and wait and wait because I do not know what to do!! Hmmm. I do not think this is something his investors who invested in excess of $2 millions would like to hear.

So I have decided to remove Absolute Piper from my portfolio. I have to say that it was a hard decision as I liked his trading style and performance, however I promised myself that if any of my chosen signal providers changes his trading behaviour to worse I will remove him. If he had announced in advance something like: “Hey guys…I know I am approaching my max DD level of 500 pips, but I think that this is just a temporary reversal and I would like to give the price 100 or 200 pips room to breathe…..” that would be different. But this way….

Nevermind, life also brings disappointments from time to time. I will replace him with Forexray.

My Zulutrade Portfolio Performance Update (Week 1)

#1: cycle at nature
Everything went nice and smooth with this signal provider. During last week he made 2 trades. One lost 26,9 pips and one took profit 139,3 pips.

#2: Absolute Piper
I have already said enough about this trader above. Although his losses were much bigger, I lost only 35,9 pips as he only opened 1 trade this week. I have started this portfolio on Sunday March 15 so I only take into account trades opened March 16th. It was only 1 trade.

#3:  Beyonder
Beyonder was busy this week. He took 7 trades for EUR/USD and GBP/JPY. In summary it brought me 2,3 pips of profit.

#4:  PooTumVV
PooTumVV executed only one EUR/JPY trade with 13,10 pips profit. OK.

#5: Mambo Trdaing
Last signal provider on my list traded EUR/USD 3 times. In overall I have lost 43,5 pips on those trades.

Here is a summary table of My Zulutrade Portfolio performance so far.


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Thank you for visiting and reading and stay tuned for next weekly update.

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