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My Zulutrade Portfolio Performance Update (Week 2)

diversified-autocopy-etoro-portfolioMy Zulutrade copy portfolio is one week older so time to write a new performance update.

There is a new member of my portfolio.  Forexray from India replaced Absolute Piper. However his first trade in my portfolio did not went very well. Read more below.

My Zulutrade Portfolio Performance Update (Week 2)

#1: cycle at nature
Last week , the frenchman took 2 trading positions. His success rate was at 50 %, one losing and one winning trade. However, the winner was more than two times bigger than the loser and so cycle et nature added another 36,2 pips to my profits. Well done.

#2: Forexray
This indian forex signal provider is a new addition in my autotrading portfolio. Sadly, his first trade brought me loss -235 pips. Nevermind, forex trading is a long term game so I need to be patient and wait how the trader performs in future. Last week he took only that one EUR/USD trade.

#3:  Beyonder
Three GBP/JPY trades last week, 2 small wins but on 55,9 pips loss. Sum of his trading last week is – 31,6 pips. Lost profits from previous week.

#4:  PooTumVV
It looks like PooTumVV is a very patient trader or he went to a vacation. In week #1 he executed one trade only, in week #2 no trading at all.

#5: Mambo Trdaing
This trader did not close any trades last week. However there is one open trade, currently -44,6 pips. I am not going to add it to PnL until it is closed.

Here is a summary table of My Zulutrade Portfolio performance after 2 weeks.


click to enlarge

Two of my signal providers had losing week, esp. my new addition Forexray suffered 235 pips loss. Cycle et Nature has been doing well and we´ll see how Mambo Trdaing´s trade will close.

I have also updated my performance table with a new column. Green A means that signal provider is active in my portfolio, Red N means that signal provider has been removed from the copy portfolio and is no longer active.

Thank you for visiting and reading and stay tuned for next weekly update.

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