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My Personal Paper Trade Virtual Zulutrade Portfolio Of Recommended Signal Providers

For ilustrating purposes I am going to run My Personal Paper Trade Virtual Zulutrade Portfolio Of Recommended Signal Providers.

Here are some rules:

1) My starting trading balance is $1,000
2) I can follow 5 signal providers only
3) I can remove signal provider and add another one at any time (any losses will be deducted from my balance)
4) My lot size will be fixed to 1 microlot (that serves 2 purposes: easier calculations and safer portfolio)

Ok, let´s start. Here are my recommended social traders:
(updated March 22nd, 2015)

cycle-et-nature-forex#1: cycle at nature

I have been reviewing this french signal provider last time. If you wish to learn more about him, read my article.
Basically, I have chosen this trader mainly because he has been providing his trading signals on Zulutrade for more than 2 years, he is sending signals from real live trading account (4xP), so he risks own money at full, max. open trades is 4 and his maximum drawdown during those 2 years was 351 pips only.

beyonder #2:  Beyonder

My first article about this russian signal provider has been published only yesterday. His trading performance and discipline has attracted my attention.

However, his trading career on Zulutrade has started only 19 weeks ago so I will monitor him very closely and if there are any important changes in his behaviour I will remove him from my portfolio. For now, after 76 trades, his stats are: max. 1 open trade and max. DD only 60 pips.

pootumvv#3:  PooTumVV

This is a very interesting signal provider from Thailand. Here is my review from last september.
What I like most about this signal provider is that he opens only 1 trade at a time and his max. dd for open trade was 103 pips.
His overall drawdown so far according to his equity chart was around 550 pips. (that is $55 for 1 microlot).
PooTumVV has been with Zulutrade for 89 weeks so far. In average he earns 15 pips per trade.

mambotrading#4: Mambo Trdaing

This signal provider from Sri Lanka will be my last addition to my paper portfolio. I have never reviewd this forex social trader yet, so here is a brief explanation. First of all, his trading record on Zulutrade is 51 weeks. During that time he was able to earn 1266 pips of profit. Max. open position is one. Max. open trades DD was 203 pips.  That is 16% of his current equity. It seems that this trader is nicely disciplined and do not overtrade. In average you can expect to receive between 4 and 15 trading signals each month.

forexray#5: Forexray

This signal provider comes from India. He was added to my portfolio on March 22nd, 2015 as a replacement for Absolute Piper.

What I like about his trading style? Well, he has been able to earn 3,055 pips in 79 weeks. Speaking about weeks, good sign is that his trading history on Zulutrade is more than 1 year long. During that time his max. DD was only 12% or 367 pips. Forexray opens max. 4 trades at the same time and in average he earns 15.9 pips per trade, so no scalping and potential slippage can be easily accommodated.

Well, that´s it. I have 5 signal providers in my portfolio. I do not take into account any currently open trades these traders have. Only trades open starting March 16th, 2015 will be considered. So, if you are interested how my portfolio will perform over time, stay tuned and come back to this blog often.

Removed signal providers:

Absolute Piper (removed March 22, 2015)
Reason: Breaking his own strategy rules, surpassing max. drawdown, no stoploss…read detailed explanation.

Disclaimer: Signal providers listed in this article are recommended for demo testing purposes only. If you follow and copy them with real money you do so at your own risk. Remember, past performance is no guarantee of future profits. I do not take any responsibility for potential losses you may suffer. Invest only money you can afford to lose.

10 comments to My Personal Paper Trade Virtual Zulutrade Portfolio Of Recommended Signal Providers

  • Dave

    piper is doing very badly lately. What are Your thoughts regarding that? Ive lost some $ on my real accaunt

    • guru

      well, he is currently reaching his max. DD. According to his trading strategy it should be 500 pips. He had several DDs like this in past and was able to recover. The question is what he will do if EUR/GBP move higher. Whether he closes his trades or waiting which would cause higher DD.

  • Dave

    You can take piper off that list. 🙂
    He is no longer in the 500list
    So we cant follow him in the EU.

    • guru

      Hello Dave,

      actually I will remove him from the list in my next update article. It is dissapointing that trader breaks his own rules after 2 years of great trading performance. He promised max. 500 pips DD, now he is at 800+ pips. Also he has no stops set at all.
      BTW..he is still in the top 500 in Zulu ranking, #69. We cannot follow him because his average pips per trade dropped below 5 pips.

  • benny

    so how’s it going? I also started with 1000$ today with exactly those traders.

    • guru

      Hello Benny,

      I will be posting regular weekly updates about how things go. Next update will be on next monday or tuesday.

  • benny

    also, did you manually set 0.1 in the lots settings? how about max trades per trader?

    • guru

      I am not changing lots manually…it is just a paper trade portfolio..for those purposes I use 1 microlot size. Regarding max. trades per trader I use a figure posted on SP´s stats page.

  • charles


    is it possible to copy other traders‘ signal, to form a new profolio. And make it to be a new signal for other zulutrader to follow?

    • guru

      you cannot do that on Zulutrade, because your account can be either follower or signal provider….not both…I tried that 🙂

      but you can do so on eToro. You can copy other traders and if you are good you will attract new investors who can copy your portfolio.