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The Magicians Stock Trader Returned +44.45% in the last 12 months

Would you like to have a magician on your side when trading stock market? He would use his secret spells to help you pick the right stocks with a huge potential to outperform the market. Sounds good?

Well I do not know any magician who would reveal his secret spell for you, but today I can present you Fabio dos Reis from Germany who uses a nickname TheMagicians on his eToro social trading account and actually in the last 12 months he was picking profitable stocks like magic.


stock trader1. Trader´s Introduction

Social trader Fabio dos Reis alias TheMagicians comes from Germany and has been trading stocks in the last 7 years.

In normal life he works in hospital as a healt professional while finishing his medical doctorate.

Therefore he is able to gain a lot of first hand insights in what´s going on on the pharmacy market.

In 2016 he joined social investment network eToro and started to trade mainly stocks but also forex market, cryptos, ETF and commodities.

Since 2017 he revised his tradin approach and from that time he trade stocks only, no cryptos and his targeted profit is +20-40% p.a. while maintaining a low risk not bigger than 4 on eToro´s risk score scale.

The Magicians Fabio has been also recently selected by eToro´s editorial team among best etoro traders and featured on top of the “Copy People” page.

2. Trader´s Trading Performance

Fabio´s trading life on eToro has not started in September 2016 very well. In following 4 months his trading portfolio went down -23.09%

trading stats

But in 2017 his magic wiped out all red numbers from previous year and brought him a healthy +43.38% profit.

This year he is doing so-so when his YTD profit is just little bit above the breakeven level at +1.98%.

3. Trader´s Risk Score

risk score
In his bio section of his trading profile social stock trader Fabio has promised that he would no exceed level 4 on eToro´s risk scale.

As you can see Fabio keeps his word and maintain his risk below 4.

If you decide to copy his etoro signals, based on historical data, you can expect to experience maximum drawdown:

– daily -4.00%
– weekly -6.51%
– yearly -10.94%

Of course these are historical data and future results can be different.

4. Trader´s Popularity

copiersEven though Fabio dos Reis alias TheMagicians has been doing really well in the last year and booked in +43% profit he was no where to be found by new copiers.

Until now.

Everything changed when eToro´s editorial team spotted him and decided to place him among best etoro traders.

In no time Fabio´s popularity hit the skies and new copiers started to roll in wildly.

His total copiers base counts 126 traders while 115 of them started to copy him in the last 7 days.

These 126 copiers invested in hime somwhere between $50k and $100k of their funds.

Of course longer Fabio will be displayed among Featured Traders more copiers he´ll gain.


 5. Trader´s Favourite Assets

Fabio used to trade all assets available on social trading network eToro. About half of his trades were stocks and the rest was split between cryptos, FIAT currencies, commodities or ETFs.

But as we have already mentioned, Fabio revised his trading system and since 2017 he refuse to trade cryptocurrencies and his primary focus will be on stocks only.


6. Pros and Cons

In this section I would like to shortly list couple of pros and cons of this trader so you can better decide whether you give him a chance to trade with your money or not.


– healthy profit in 2017
– risk score below 4
– frequently communicates with his followers


– short trading record on eToro


7. Last Words

TheMagicians stock trader Fabio dos Reis from Germany used his secret spell not only to pick the right stocks and profitable trades in the last year but also to be selected by eToro´s editorial team.

Now he enjoys the ride and attracts more and more new copiers. Everything looks good about his low risk trading system and so I cannot see any reason why not add him to your well diversified eToro portfolio.


Warning: All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose. Past performance does not guarantee future results. This post is for educational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice

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