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Low Risk Forex Copy Trader TaeTae3751 Reviewed Again in 2014

Would you like to invest and earn +333% profit after two years?

Forex copy trader TaeTae3751 can do it for you. Well, at least he has done that in past 2 years. It is more than one year since our last review of this canadian social guru, so let´s see what´s new about him.



Back in April 2013 he had 209 copiers, today there are 304 etoro investors who like his performance and copy trades provided by him. That can be considered as a very positive sign.

Interesting fact about this forex trader that he opens only long positions. There was no short position during past 2 years. Anyway, seems that this trading strategy works very well for TaeTae3751.  Average trade size is 2,5% and holding period is about 5 days.
Most popular currency pairs of this canadian are USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, USD/CAD and EUR/USD.

TaeTae has been profitable last year, last 2 years but also last 3 years. That stands for a very good trading performance on social investment network eToro Openbook.

Please note: past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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