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Low Risk eToro Trader TaeTae3751 Gained 107% Profit For Past 12 Months

As I was browsing eToro´s rankings I have found a very interesting social trader from Canada.  His nickname is taetae3751. What attracted me about him was his total profit for past 12 months. He made more than 107% while risking only 3,6% in average per trade.


We could classify taetae3751 as a long term trader because average hold time of his trades is 6 days.  His trading was no so smooth as it is now. You can see that on the next screenshot, but last 6 months he did very well and in fact he more than doubled his trading account. This was also noticed by other eToro members and traders and his copiers base started to grow. Up to date there is 209 traders who copy his trading activity. If he continues this way, we can assume that the number of copiers will be much higher soon.


Taetae3751 is 100% manual trader. That means he trade by himself and do not copy other traders. A quick look at his trading history reveals that his favorite trading instruments are 2 currency pairs EUR/USD and EUR/JPY, sometimes combined with AUD/USD.


During last 6 months TaeTae3751 has shown a big potential. He proved that he can generate a nice profit while maintaining low risk. This is the way to go, but not as easy as it can seem. That´s why there are only few traders like TaeTae3751 , Azar Consulting or similar forex social traders.

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