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Kiwi Investor Testing Account Update

new-zealand-flag-face-fan-kiwi-investorToday I have realized how time is quickly flying by. Almost 2 years ago I opened a testing account Kiwi Investor and launched my personal challenge to get to Top10 in Zulu Ranking.

It was quite a huge challenge when you consider that there is ten thousand plus forex social traders on Zulutrade.
Anyway, my intention was to publish updates about my progress every month but somehow I forgot to do so.

So today I am going to publish this short post as a reminder for future. 🙂

Back in June 2013 my testing trading account was ranked somewhere around position #1,350. Today, almost 2 years later I am #367.  Still long way to top 10.

Maybe after next 2 years I will be there or maybe my testing account will be busted, who knows. Zulu ranking algorithm is very dynamic. A short series of losing or winning trades can mean a difference of couple of hundred places.

I am also curious how my ranking will be affected when I cross 2 years line as from what I´ve heard Zulu algorithm favors long term trading tracks.

Note: My account Kiwi Investor is meant for testing purposes of Zulu ranking. If you follow my trades you do so at your own risk.

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