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Jay Edward Smith | Copy CryptoCurrency Expert To Gain Same Profit

Today I would like to introduce you eToro popular investor and cryptocurrencies expert Jay Edward Smith (alias jaynemesis) who is not only one of the most copied traders (currently he has 14,215 copiers!!) on this social investing network, but also one of the most interesting people there. Just imagine that he dropped out school at age of 14,  later he became eSports video game professional and now he day trades tech stocks and cryptocurrencies.

As of today 14,215 etoro members trust him and invest with him. There are more than $5 million dollars under his management.

If you are curious why so many people decided to copy this popular investor all you need to do is to take a quick look at Jay´s trading performance and you will immediatelly know why.

Jay started his trading career on etoro in 2014. It looks like he was just heating up while he almost break even for that year. 2015 was cool for him, when he gained 40,73% profit. Great result, but 2016 was even more profitable, when he locked in 75,65% profit.  Excellent but still nothing compared to last year when Jay and his copiers gained 340,09% profit!! That was caused mainly due to cryptocurrencies boom.



Just wondering if Jay can beat that and bring in even bigger profit in this year 2018. Only time can tell, but we will be watching this excellent trader and will update you in future.

Bitcoin has become one of Jay´s most favourite trading assests so if you want to know Jay´s thoughts about Bitcoin and other cryptos watch the following video interview. (note that this video was recorded in june 2017 so Bitcoin prices are little bit outdated)



Last Words:

If you are interested in making money on cryptocurrencies but you are not confident enough to do it by yourself, based on his past trading performance I think that copy trading Jay Edward Smith (alias jaynemessis) would be a good way to go.

Warning: Trading carries risk. Only risk capital you are prepared to lose. Past performance in not an indication of future results.

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