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Learn How Investor Chris Camillo Turned $20K Into $2 Million

Ever wanted to learn how to invest wisely and turn couple of hundreds or thousands into millions?

In this article I would like to present you Chris Camillo who did it. He is self-directed investor who was able to turn his initial $20k trading capital into $2 Million from 2007 to 2010, in only three years.

Watch this video where Chris Camillo discuss his investing secrets on Bloomberg Television.

In this video Chris explains that to make a lot of money you do not have to take a lot of trades or investments. For example he only makes one or two trades a year, only when he sees a great investing opportunity.

Chris says that in order to make these successful investments he had to retrain his mind to be able to spot game changing events in life or around him that could have a big impact on publicly traded companies.

His secret is that you need to spot something in your life that Wall Street has not picked up yet. In other words, to make millions you need to turn your ordinary life into an investment strategy.

The key is not to thing about what you like but rather about things and situations other people and masses are up to.

Chris gives one example: His co-worker once told him about very interesting book Hunger Games that he liked. Also many other friends of him liked the book. They told Chris that if someone will ever create a movie based on the book it would be bigger than Harry Potter. So Chris did a little reaserch and found out that Lions Gate plans to turn this book into a movie. And guess what? Lions Gate´s stock doubled in next 6 months.

Chris explains that he never read the book himself, but the fact that millions of kids were passionate about it was a good reason to invest. And these kind of situations happens all the time. You just need to look around you and search for them.

Moderator of the TV show asked Chris about his position sizing.

Chris replies that he takes roughly 20-40% of his portfolio and put it in his next trade. He can afford that because he only trades once or twice a year and only when he is convinced about his next investing opportunity. He only invests in big game changing events.

During those 3 years he made only about 9-10 trades and only one of them was a miss. The rest of them were big success when he took home triple digits profits, sometimes even three or five hundred percents per trade in a short period of time.

Chris Camillo talks about importance of patience. How important it is to be able wait for 5 or even 8 months for a next big opportunity. He compares himself to a big wave surfer who is able to wait for a long time and travel the world to catch their big wave.

Meanwhile Chris lives his normal life, reads a lot, go to movies, go to restaurants, absorbs the world around him and hone his sense of critical observation.

And that is what you can do too. According to Chris, to make big money investing you do not need a financial background. All you need to do is to observe the world around you and look for another game changing event that has not been picked up by Wall Street yet.

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