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Interview with FreedomFund: Patience is the Key

freedomfundToday I bring you a short interview with another eToro social trader FreedomFund who comes from Slovakia.
The reason why I would like to introduce you this trader is that he has just closed his straight third year on eToro in double digits profit so if you are looking for another addition to your people based copy portfolio you can consider him.

1. Can you introduce yourself in couple of senteces?

Hello, my name is Marian Hlinka, I live in Slovakia and I am the one behind FreedomFund trading profile on social investing platform eToro. Trading markets is something I really enjoy, not only because it is something that allows me to create additional income source but also because it is very challenging and forces me to work on my personal characteristics like discipline, patience, long term view or emotional self-control.

2. Why did you choose eToro?

When I started with forex trading I was looking for some good broker to trade with. eToro was simply different than other brokers. Mainly because people can interact with each other, they can share ideas, learn from others successful traders. And not to forget the main advantage which is a copy trading. That is a fantastic opportunity for those who would like to participate on trading markets but do not have necessary skills or time to trade themselves.

3. How long have you been trading for?

It has already been more than 10 years since I have opened my first trade. Of course I had to pay my “tution fees” in form of burned trading account. For many years, trading was a really painful experience for me. I was losing, I was chasing new indicators, new trading systems and making many mistakes.  But I believe it was necessary so I could learn how to trade properly and especially how to calm down myself and my emotions.
Like old saying says: The Master is someone who has already made all mistakes.

4. What instruments do you trade most and why?

Diversification is an important part of my trading strategy, therefore I trade stocks, currencies, commodities and this year also cryptos.

Stocks are in my portfolio usually for long term. I mean months or even years. Currency and commodity trades are for couple of days or weeks. Crypto trading is a new booming sector so I want to be a part of it too.

5. What leverage and risk do you use?

Stocks and cryptos are mainly without leverage. Leverage of other trades depends on combination of my trade size and position of my Stop Loss. But in short: I do not risk more than 2% of my trading account on a single trade.

6. What is maximum drawdown your potential copiers can expect?

Usually it averages between 10-15%.

7. What profit your potential copiers can expect?

It depends on market conditions. Let´s say it can be between 10-25% p.a.

8. Why do you think investors should choose to copy you?

I know that since eToro introduced crypto currencies majority of copiers are looking for copy traders who gains hundreds of percents on cryptos. But that cannot last forever, so once this crypto boom is over and there will not be huge yearly gains available anymore, I believe copiers will start looking for disciplined and consistent traders like me.

9. What market analysis and tools do you use?

I am mainly a technical analysis trader. I focus on higher timeframe charts like 1 week or 1 day chart.

10. Do you copy other traders or are you trading only on your own?

No, I do not copy other traders.

11. Can you describe your trading strategy?

I monitor charts and looking for price action patterns that define my entry points. Then I decide where to put my stop loss. As I said, I risk max. 2% of my trading balance per single trade. I choose only trades that have a possibility to earn me profit at least 2 times bigger than my potential loss. Once the trade is live, I move my stops on regular bases to secure my profit. My goal is to let my winning trades run as long as possible.

12. What is minimum amount for copiers to copy you?

$100 is a minimum amount to copy me. But if you want to avoid risk of not opening all trades I would suggest to copy me with at least $300.

13. What are your hobbies?

I love sports, I like to play soccer, golf and in winter I really love to go skiing. My other hobbies are travelling and cars.

14. Thank you for interview….is there anything else you would like to tell to our readers?

If you decide to copy someone, do not make the biggest mistake majority of copiers do. I have noticed that if I have one or two losing months, many copiers start to panic and leave me. They go and start to copy someone else. They do not understand that losing months are simply part of the game. So they end up with loss while I end up with profit only little bit later. My advice is: Think long term.

Well, that was interview with Marian Hlinka alias FreedomFund. You can check his detailed trading statistics via this link.

Note: Trading bears risk, therefore invest wisely and do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose.

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