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Interview with Alvin De Cruz: Social Stock Trading Guru on eToro

Alvin De Cruz eToro TraderToday I have a honor to present you Alvin de Cruz from Singapore, one of very popular investors on social investment network eToro Openbook.  Over 6400 people watch an follow Alvin´s trading decisions and 679 of them also copy his trades. No surprise, his trading performance is very healthy: 77% gain last year and 16,66% this year to date.

If you are in a process of deciding whether to become Alvin´s copier or not, following interview might help you to make the right choice.

1. Can you introduce yourself in couple of senteces?

I’m Alvin De Cruz, from Singapore. While not trading in my own time, I’m the Head of Engineering for a rising startup over here.

2. Why did you choose eToro?

Back then, when I was not doing too well investing on my own, I was looking at ways to be able to follow people who were better than me. eToro was the first thing that came up.

3. How long have you been trading for?

Been in the business since August 2013.

4. What instruments do you trade most and why?

Stocks mostly, as I find companies easier to understand and research into. Sometimes I may get involved in currencies or indices, but I use copiers for that now. Even so, it’s a very insignificant investment, as the volatility isn’t for me.

5. What leverage and risk do you use?

Mostly 1:1. And you could say, medium-risk.

6. What is maximum drawdown your potential copiers can expect?

Usually 14-15%. Also do note that I do hold some stocks for a longer-term.

7. What profit your potential copiers can expect?

On average, usually 2-5% a month. There are some exceptional months with 10%, but those don’t come often.

8. Why do you think investors should choose to copy you?

I don’t take aggressive risks, which means, you will not see your equity disappear in a day 🙂

9. What market analysis and tools do you use?

I generally read up on reports on companies for the day, and keep up abreast with news concerning them. I’m not a hardcare Technical Analysis person, but I do look at them to see how the stock is trending.

10. Do you copy other traders or are you trading only on your own?

I used to copy traders before, but didn’t have much luck with them, since they end up blowing up their accounts eventually. I do copy one, from time to time, but it’s with a very small amount now.

11. Can you describe your trading strategy?

It’s about monitoring the company’s health, it’s fundamentals, and when you see weakness even if the company’s fundamentals are sound, it’s usually a good time to buy.

12. What is minimum amount for copiers to copy you?

$200 is a good number now.

13. What are your hobbies?

I love sports, so it’s soccer, tennis, basketball. I’m starting to take up rock-climbing, so it should be pretty fun 🙂

14. Thank you for interview….is there anything else you would like to tell to our readers?

Always learn, and read up as much as possible on trading or even how to manage your financial health. Even before listening to me or any other trader, do your own research.

Well, that was interview with Alvin De Cruz. You can check his detailed trading statistics via this link.

Note: Trading bears risk, therefore invest wisely and do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose.

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