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InstaForex Copiers Have Gained 140% Profit After 2 Years

Our last review of InstaForex social trader Xiaotong Yu was 3 months ago on October 2014.  At that time his profit was at 53,3%. Not bad. But imagine what happened since. I wouldn´t expect this trader (sorry it is a forex trading robot) to jump from 53% to 140% mark in short 3 months. Just compare following 2 profit screenshots.

October 2014:

And now Januar 2015:


I think that it is absolutely incredible. BTW, tomorrow it is his anniversary! It´ll be exactly 2 years since he opened his trading account on Instaforex and started to trade.

We do not know what his trading strategy is, but from his equity and balance chart we can read that he probably uses a healthy risk and money management. He probably cut his losses and takes profit with good risk vs. reward ratio.

Since our last review xiaotong yu he generated profit for many copiers and currently he has 15 active followers who copy his trading activity. I believe that this number will grow really soon as with such a trading performance he will climb up in InstaForex ranking.

So why don´t you give him a try and possibly you could create a passive income by copying his trading activity.

By copying the trader you can get additional benefits from Instaforex broker like 30% bonus on each deposit you make. This bonus can be immediately used for trading or copying, so your profits can be much higher. Also you can win luxury cars like Porsche Cayenne or Lotus Evora. There is more this broker has to offer.

Note: Past performance is no guarantee of future profits, invest wisely and do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose.

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