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Indian Forex Social Trader “Manav Predictor” Number One On Zulutrade

manav-predictor-forexThere is a new top forex social trader on investment network Zulutrade. He comes from India and his nickname is Manav Predictor.

So can this guy predict forex market moves?

So far it works for him as he 12,500 pips in little more than one year. It took him exactly 66 weeks and 441 trades out of which 97% were winners.

Manav Predictor averages 28 pips per trade which is very healthy portion of profit. If you are interested in his return on investment, his followers could enjoy ROI of 271% for last year. Not bad, right?

That is the main reason why this signal provider has accrued 4,457 followers along the way. These investors copy him with almost $2 million dollars, exactly $1,859,199 up to this date.

Are they satisfied?

I guess so, as Manav Predictor has been rated by 123 live followers and his rating is 87%. Average rating given by users is 4 stars out of available 5 stars.

If you are considering to auto copy the trader, Zulutrade recommends to allocate at least $373 per each microlot.
Past performance of Manav Predictor reveals maximum drawdown 18% of his current equity. Worst series of his trades went down by 2,230 pips. Therefore set your lot size according to these figures and your account balance.
Also you need to allow 14 open trades at the same time.

Manav Predictor trades many different currency pairs, but his main focus is on EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY.
The trader send his signals from FxOpen trading account, but if you wish to have lowest slippage, you should open your copy account with one of these brokers: FinPro, FXDD MT or AAAFx.


These days Manav Predictor predicts currency markets so well that he has been sitting on Zulutrade throne for 14 days in a row. We´ll be monitoring progress of this indian forex social trader and posting updates from time to time. So stay tuned and come back often.

If you decide to copy him, do so wisely and remember that past performance is no guarantee of future profits. Do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose.

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