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I Target Higher Profits In 2016: TripleAFund Update #11

triple a fundTime is running so fast that I did not even realized that it has been 6 months I wrote my last update about my people forex copy portfolio TripleAFund.

First year of my portfolio ended with a small 3% profit. That was great as it was still a green number. Not very big for many greedy copiers on eToro, but on the other side, it was a low risk trading.

Currently , as you can see on the screenshot picture on the left, last 12 months performance is even better, 7.59%. All that has been achieved with risk score 3 out of 10. So my trading portfolio is still set to low risk.

Regarding traders I copy in my portfolio: since my last TripleAFund update I have stopped copying Declan Fallond and added Alvin de Cruz to my copy portfolio. Alvin focuses on stock trading. I have been interviewing this trader last June, so if you are interested to learn more about him, here is the interview with Alvin de Cruz link.  However, I must admit, that the timing to copy Alvin was not perfect and so I can see -15% next to his name in my portfolio. But Q4 earnings reports caused this decline and so I intend to stick with him and his trades for a while.

Finally, I am not here to gain quick fast returns, but my strategy is rather long term based.

To summarize this: So far I am content with performance of my people based copy portfolio and I believe that future profits can be even higher than 3% p.a. My goal is to get this portfolio somewhere to 10-15% p.a.

My current TripleAFund portfolio allocation:

1) 4exPirate (20%)
2) Alvin de Cruz (20%)
3) Noa Strijbos (20%)
4) Running Chris (20%)
5) Also I regularly trade myself  (20%)

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