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How To Make It To Top25 On Zulu Ranking In Just 1 Day

This is a story about signal provider ForexAnomaly. I used to follow him in 2013. He was very a very promising signal provider. Max. open trades between 5 to 7 and his maximum drawdown was limited to 500 pips. But then something happened and his trading behaviour has changed. Suddenly he started to open 20 or even up to 30 trades at the same time. His total earnings up to that date were somewhere around 10,000 pips but then huge drawdown stroke and he wiped out one and half year of trading effort in couple of days. (including many accounts of his followers)

Note that couple of months before he was #1 in Zulu ranking!!


He managed to earn it back and even increase his earning to 27,000 pips one year later. That took him back to Top25 for couple of weeks…and then another 10,000 pips drawdown came….and his ranking was somewhere at the end of list.

Guess what happened next?

Couple of days ago he jumped from #32,264 straight to #27 in the ranking!


What was the magic?

His strategy was very simple….Sept. 4th he opened 30 buy positions for GBP/JPY at the same price!!
These positions went as low as -316 pips each….again…huge drawdown….but luckily, trend turned to his favor and 2 weeks later he closed all positions with profit around +369 pips each.

That´s it…. :)


Dear followers, before you copy anybody in Top25 or even Top100, do yourself a favor and analyze his/her trading style. Otherwise you risk your money and you can spend them in casino with more fun.

Questions to consider:

1) Is there anything wrong with zulu ranking when traders who many times risk all capital of their followers are in top25?
2) Is there anything wrong with zulu ranking when SPs who has better ROI, better win%, lower DD, best trade > worst trade, open less trades than 30 at once, have lower NME and they are positioned far behind SPs who trade recklessly but have guts to open 30 trades at the same price, but are lucky enough to close in profit?????

Note: Past performance is not guarantee of future profits. Never risk money you cannot afford to loose.

2 comments to How To Make It To Top25 On Zulu Ranking In Just 1 Day

  • I am always amazed that the ranking algorithm at Zulutrade will rank traders highly with such huge drawdowns. The presence of such traders at the top of the list destroys the credibility of the social trading concept and make a it more difficult for responsible signal providers.

  • SuperSwingTrader

    That’s for sure, Zulutrade’s ranking algorithm is not completely reliable, it has many flaws that allow any trader to get very risky strategies to the top 25 in a few days. The only way is to be an educated investor with decent trading knowledge to make your own analysis. Even so, mistakes can be made.