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How To Get Paid To Trade CryptoCurrencies?

I think that most traders don´t know that they can really get paid to trade cryptocurrencies. In order to do so you need to become a member of Popular Investor program on the largest social investing network eToro.

How it works?

eToro is a well know trading platform where you can trade not only cryptocurrencies but also stocks, commodities, indicis and Forex.  On eToro you can make money in several ways: your own trading, by copying other profitable traders, by investing in copyfunds or you can get paid to provide trading signals. In other words as you can copy good traders yourself, other eToro members can copy you in the same way. More people copy you, more money you can make.

So if your trading expertise are cryptos (Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Ripple, Dash…) and you show a good profit on your trading account other eToro members will spot it and if they become your copiers you will make additional money on top of your trading profits.

First step to get paid to trade cryptocurrencies is to open a trading account on eToro .

Once your trading account is open, get verified, deposit money, start trading  and communicate with other eToro members to get attention. When you get your 1st copier you can proceed to the second step which is applying to become a Popular Investor.

Why it is a good idea to focus on getting paid to trade Cryptos?

Well, via Popular Investor program you can get paid for trading any assets (forex, commodities, stocks…), but it is obvious that eToro traders with biggest revenues attract many new copiers easier than those who achieve one digit profits per annum only.

And recently, cryptocurrencies were absolutely the best earners on eToro. Just couple of examples:

In last 12 month only, Bitcoin has returned unbelievable 740,43% profit! Check the chart below.

bitcoin chart

And if you think that profits like that cannot be beaten, check this Ethereum chart.
In last 12 months, Ethereum has returned a cosmic profit 3,031.29%!!!

get paid to trade ethereum

By trading cryptocurrencies you can quickly show a great performance with hundreds percents of profits on your trading account which will help you to attract as many new copiers as fast as possible.

That is why I think that your focus should go to get paid to trade cryptocurrencies instead of for example get paid to trade forex.

How much can you get paid to trade cryptocurrencies?

The Popular Investor program contains 4 levels, starting from Cadet until you reach the top and join the Elite. Each level has it’s own benefits and requirements.

In the first level Cadet you earn 20% spread rebate only.  On next levels your fixed monthly earnings are based on number of copiers you have. When you reach top Elite level, you get paid based on amount of money under your management.

get paid to trade cryptocurrencies

Once you have 50 copiers you can be promoted to the next level Rising Star where you get paid $500 monthly. On this level amount you are trading with has to be min. $5,000.

For some $500 might not be a lot but think about it in a different way. You are trading with $5k and get paid $500 on top of your own earnings. Those $500 is 10% of your trading balance which means that in only 10 months you simply double your money! Not bad, right? You will be probably earning more from popular investor program than from your own trading activity.

You can advance to Champion level once you have $150,000 under your management (total money of your copiers). Your monthly reward will be $1,000. On this level you effectively double your trading account in only 5 months!

Achieving top Elite level  requires having at least $500k under your management. Your monthly earnings are $1,000 + 2% of annual assets under your management. This way you can earn couple of thousands each month.


In my opinion, eToro´s Popular Investor program is an unique way that allows you to get paid to trade cryptocurrencies. How much you can earn depends only on you and your trading strategy. BTW, this way you can also get paid to trade forex, commodities or stocks. It is only up to you what you like to trade. Some popular investors do not even trade themselves. They simply create a people based portfolio (copy other traders).

Warning: Trading carries risk. Only risk capital you are prepared to lose. Past performance in not an indication of future results.

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