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How To Get Copiers on eToro

how to get copiers on etoro

How To Get Copiers on eToro?

Popular Investor Program on eToro is becoming more and more popular and many people join eToro only to become popular investors, attract many new copiers and earn nice monthly income from the program.

However, attracting new copiers is not as easy as it might look  at first sight.

The thing is that you have to expose your trading profile to as many eToro members as possible. But how?
I am going to present you two ways you can use. One is slow and one is fast

Slow Way To Get Copiers on eToro:

Participate in discussions on daily bases. You can go to profiles of  top copied traders and post comments in their discussions. Or you can post new updates on pages of individual currencies, commodities, indices or stocks.

Do this as often as possible (but do not spam) and hope that other members check your profiles, follow you and eventually copy your trading activity.

As I said, this way is very slow, hard work, sometimes boring and results are not guaranteed.

So I would suggest to jump on a fast track.

Fast Way  To Get Copiers on eToro:

The best and fastest way to get copiers on eToro is to get listed among featured traders and popular investors. Check image below.

tp traders etoro

This is the most visited place and once you are shown here you will get tons of impressions, followers and number of your copiers will grow naturally and without effort.

The question is: “How to get displayed here?”

Well, all you need is to to adjust your trading style to pass eToro´s filter for one of these categories:

– top investors
– trending
– lower risk score
– medium risk score

Simply open one of these categories, check filter list for the category and make sure you trade the way that match those criteria.

Example of filter list for Top Investors category:

top investors etoro
In short, keep your risk score below 5, daily drawdown below 7%, weekly drawdown below 14%, achieve return between 5 and 80%, do not copy more than 20% of your investment and so on…

Once you match these criteria, you´ll be featured in Top Investors category.

If you are unable to match these criteria, do not worry, you can try different category.

For example: Tranding Investors

Here is the filter list for Trending Investors category:

trending investors etoro

As you can see, this list is little bit different. For example, your risk score can be up to 6, daily drawdown can be also bigger, up to 15%, same with weekly drawdown.

But what if you cannot meet these criteria too?

You still have 2 more categories: Lower Risk Score and Medium Risk Score. Simply check their filter lists on eToro website.

Well, that was in my opinion the best and fastest way how to get copiers on eToro. If you have any better idea, I would like to hear it. Pls. share on Facebook. 😉

Warning: Trading carries risk. Only risk capital you are prepared to lose. Past performance in not an indication of future results.

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