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Get Paid 2 Trade Forex with Profit Sharing Program

get paid to trade forexSocial trading has become a great opportunity for those who would like to make nice profits from forex trading but they do not possess necessary trading skills or enough time to trade markets themselves.

On the other hand, for consistent and profitable traders it is a great source of additional income. For some of them providing forex signals has become a main source of income.

I believe that Popular Investor Program provided by largest social investing network eToro was the most popular place for profitable traders who would like to be copied by other people. But now eToro´s main competitor Zulutrade has launched a new innovative feature of their compensation plan that allows traders to earn 20% of profits they generate to their Follower´s trading accounts.

How it works?

Until now, Zulutrade was  offering a volume based compensation model where you could earn 0,5 pip for each traded lot of your followers.

From now on, you can get paid to trade forex on Zulutrade in both ways: volume based or profit sharing compensation model. It is up to you which compensation model you choose.

Which model is best for you probably depends on your trading style and also on amount of money following you.

For maximum earnings as a signal provider I would suggest you to join both programs: Popular Investor on eToro and Profit Sharing Compensation Plan on Zulutrade.

More profit you make for your copiers on eToro and followers on Zulutrade more money you get paid for trading Forex market.

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