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Forex Social Trading World Tips & News (May 2015)

newsForex social trading world is a full of news every day, week and month. Lately I was a little bit busy and so I was not able to bring you detailed articles, reviews or videos about new interesting forex social traders, signal providers, gurus or trading strategies. Therefore I would like to catch up a bit this way.

So what has been going on in the world of social trading recently?

1) Forex social trading network Zulutrade:

a) Zulu ranking displays a new number one signal provider.It is Afacanlar from Turkey. At first glance, his trading performance might look great: 8,749 pips in 21 weeks and 99% winning ratio.
But before you start copy Afacanlar, remember that close to 100% winning ratio is a first warning sign. Also 21 weeks is a very short period of time to consider copying the trader. Personally I would wait 6 month to see how Afacanlar performs.

b) Zulutrade recently started to display Zulu ranking sorted by “Winning Last week” or “Winning Last Month”. Signal providers are ranked by amount of money earned for their followers. That can be a useful tool for you to refine your search for good signal providers.

c) I am also behind with update articles regarding my Zulutrade Paper Portfolio. I had to reconsider a frequency of these update articles and from now I will be posting them monthly instead of weekly or when there are big changes or events like removing or adding signal providers.

2) Social investing network eToro:

a) Beside big news about real time stock trading introduced by eToro lately, I would like to target your attention to a new rising star among eToro traders. Surprisingly it is a low leverage woman trader Anna Serafini from South Africa.

Her trading performance deserves more detailed review article, but for now in short: Anna Serafini has been able to secure a breathtaking 127% in last 6 months. Of course, that kind of trading has attracted attention of more than 5,000 followers and 762 copiers. I think, I´ll get back to her very soon in one of my articles 🙂

b) My personal testing copy account TripleAFund has recovered losses caused at the beginning of this year by FcInvestment. That is great news. More updates will come soon.

Well, these are just few news that took my attention in social trading and investing world lately. If you have anything you would like to read about on our blog, feel free to post that in comments or on our Facebook page.

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