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Filippo Schoch | 435% return in the last 12 month

filippo schochAchieving  extraordinary returns using a high risk trading system is nothing exceptional and this behaviour often leads to huge drawdowns or even bankrots.

But gaining triple digits profits with low risk trading style is a whole different story.

Today I would like to present you eToro´s Rising Star Popular Investor Filippo Schoch (alias Filoki) from Switzerland who fits for the latter description.

In the last 12 month Filippo was using a low risk strategy (eToro´s Risk Score 3 ) and still he was able to secure 435.47% profit.

This trading performance and risk score displays him among low risk traders according to eToro´s ranking algorithm which puts Filoki directly in front of many eToro traders eyes. No surprise that significant number of them got seduced by Filippo´s past profits and started to copy his trading activity.

As of today Filoki has gained 204 copiers and if he remains listed in eToro´s low risk ranking traders page number of copiers will grow for sure.

Who is Filippo Schoch?

According to his own words, Filippo Schoch is  electrical engineer with solid knowledge of trading and prediction markets. Filippo usually trades cryptocurrencies, technology companies and major stock indices.

That makes him a great diversification to other popular social traders on eToro who mainly focus on fiat currency pairs or commodities like Gold, Silve, Copper, Platinum or others.

How about his past trading performance?

As I have already mentioned above, Filippo has gained 435% in the last 12 months. But for any potential new copiers looking at the last 12 months only is not enough to make a right decision whether to copy this social trader or not.

Therefore we need to look at his whole trading history on social trading network eToro.

trading stats

As we can see from the screenshot above, Filippo Schoch has been doing very well not only during the last 12 months but also in previous years.

He started his eToro trading career in july 2015 and that year he was able to return 44.65% profit.  Following year 2016 was no exception and Filippo booked 32.30% profit. Trading performance of those 2 years was excellent but nothing compared to last year 2017 when (probably mainly due to crypto trading) he returned 850.95% profit!!

I think that needs no additional commentary.

This year 2018  has started little bit slowly, his YTD profit is -3.29% but there is still plenty of time before end of the year.

If swiss social guru Filippo Schoch (alias Filoki) continues the same was as he has been doing till now I believe he will become one of the most copied popular investors on world´s largest social trading network eToro.

If you are interested in his trading style and results you can see his full stats here.

Warning: Trading carries risk. Only risk capital you are prepared to lose. Past performance in not an indication of future results.

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