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Interview With FdasHzumj – Forex Trader Who Gained 89% In 5 Months

fdashzumjIn this interview I am going to ask German forex trader FdasHzumj who is trading on social investment network eToro 14 questions.

I believe these questions and answers will help you to decide whether FdasHzumj is a good choice for your copy portfolio or not. BTW…in last 5 months FdasHzumJ generated very nice 89,41% profit.

1. Can you introduce yourself in couple of senteces?

I am studying economics and I am an open-minded person who tries to enjoy his life in entirety. Financial independence is a very important factor in doing that and this is why I started with trading. Most of the time we work for money, but the opposite should be the case.

2. Why did you choose eToro?

Well, when I started to keep myself busy with the subject trading I saw a commercial of etoro as a social trading platform. That was the first time I got in touch with social trading in general. Never heard of it before. Out of curiosity I checked out the webpage and it left a mark on me. I liked the whole idea of social trading and the concept of etoro. So I wanted to be a part of it.

3. How long have you been trading for?

I started trading with real money in January 2015. Of course, I have already kept myself busy with trading but just in theory and with a demo account. I realized soon that this is no replacement for trading with real money, especially not for the emotions you get in touch with when something real is on the stake. That is why I made my first small deposit after New Year.

4. What instruments do you trade most and why?

At the moment I am trading 100% currencies. In my point of view you have to master a discipline before you add a new one. Each financial instrument is very complex and you should deal with every perception of the market. Even if you do not agree with it you should try to understand it at least. It is in the people´s nature to search just for the arguments which match their own opinion but that makes them blind for the truth. That is why you won´t find any stocks, futures, ect. in my portfolio until I understand them completely.

5. What leverage and risk do you use?

I use for my trades a leverage between 50 and 100. That depends on the time chart where I located the trade and the variation which I have to balance with my stop loss.

6. What is maximum drawdown your potential copiers can expect?

My copiers have to accept drawdowns of 30% or even more. So they need some serious nerves but that is part of my strategy and not uncommon because of my aggressive growth strategy. I had these kind of drawdowns every month and I know that the numbers of my risk level and my max. drawdowns are not very popular. That is the case, because I am not trading for the statistic – I am trading for the profit. Focus yourself on what is important and you will locate some impressive numbers.

7. What profit your potential copiers can expect?

Well, I can understand that this is an interesting question but it is impossible to name a number. I mean I won´t stop when I reached like 10% return of investment and say “alright guy´s, that is enough for the month!” – Of course not. The goal is the maximum profit which is possible and I am aiming for big profits. Focus on the profits of the last months to check if a trader’s strategy is still profitable. Markets change and the strategy of a trader has to follow. I have to add that my statistic of May does not reflect my actual return of investment. At the end of the month I made a deposit which more than doubled my amount on etoro and that distorted the automatic calculation there. The actual profit rate was way above the 10%.

8. Why do you think investors should choose to copy you?

There is a big difference between me and most of the other traders: I try to use the full potential of the investing mount and not just a slice of it like most traders do. My trading strategy assumes that your etoro account won´t replace your actual bank account. It assumes that your money on etoro is there to work for you and by that I mean every single cent of every dollar you placed on your deposit. It assumes that you are aware of the risk you are taking. Otherwise I seriously recommend you to copy a trader with a passive risk management or even better to keep your money on your bank account.

9. What market analysis and tools do you use?

I analyze the market based on technical indicators. The etoro trading station provides a big number of different tools, indicators and studies you can incorporate into your charts and candle sticks.

10. What are your hobbies?

Besides trading I love to travel. Our world is a beautiful place with a variety of places, people and cultures which are worth to be discovered. I am also a big sport fan and I like to extend my mind-set by reading several books.

11. Do you copy other traders or are you trading only on your own?

I do not copy any other trader at the moment because I have big faith in my own skills as a trader and the potential of my strategy. Although you will find some pretty good traders with an impressive record I doubt that they will perform as good as I will in the future. That is why I keep my money close to my own trades.

12. Can you describe your trading strategy?

As I mentioned before I am using an aggressively growth strategy. I identify a trading situation based on a technical analysis with different indicators. Furthermore I look to it that my portfolio is well balanced. That means I spread the risk by trading different currency pairs considering their correlation.

13. What is minimum amount for copiers to copy you?

The minimum amount for copying me is 100$ at the moment. Any changes will be written and easy to find on my profile.

14. Thank you for interview….Is there anything else you would like to tell to our readers?

For me it is not important if you copy me, any other trader or if you invest your money by yourself. The most important thing is that you take the step and the right direction. Let your money work for you! On which way is your choice. Do it as long as you see potential in your idea and don´t start next week or tomorrow, start now!

Go to FdasHzumj´s profile page on eToro.

Note: Trading bears risk, therefore invest wisely and do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose.

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