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Excellence performance of ForexRay: My Zulutrade Portfolio (week 4 update)

Another week is behind us so it is time for a new update of my Zulutrade paper portfolio. Last time I produced also detailed video review, but today I am really short of time and so I am going to review performance of traders in my portfolio very briefly.

My recent addition Forexray has performed very well last week, I would even say that his performance was excellent.
He made couple of trades and his total profit for the week was 215,6 pips. So he recovered fromprevious weeks losses. Well done.

Next signal provider in my portfolio Beyonder is having difficult times. This week ended with loss of -75,9 pips. His total loss since start of my portfolio is -149,9 pips. No more comments so far.

PooTumVV is absolutely best performing forex signal provider in my Zulutrade portfolio. Although this week Forexray had better performance, PooTumVV brought in nice profit +62,9 pips. His total earnings in my portfolio are +191,8 pips.

Last on my list today is Mambo Trdaing. This forex trader performed only one trade this week, which resulted in -109 pips loss. It seems that Mambo is on a losing streak. I am looking forward to his winning trades.

BTW….last week I suspended Cycle et Nature. I have decided to replace him with SteadyCapture (v). His stats will be added to my portfolio since Monday.

Ok…let´s compare last week table with this week.

After week 3

After week 4


As you can see….mainly thanks to Forexray and PooTumVV, the portfolio closed this week with a slight profit, $9,91 exactly.  However, we are still -6,88% in loss, which was caused by closing series of trades of Cycle et Nature week before.

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