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Is eToro Trader Cynthia1000 Copying Zulutrade´s Former Number 1 Signal Provider Kama-Spot?

Couple of weeks ago we posted an article about Brazilian forex trader from eToro Cynthia1000. Her results at that time were very impressive, which is not true thesedays.  Today I would like to post a question: “Is Cynthia1000 copying Kama-Spot  (former number 1 on Zulutrade)?

I know, it is a strange theory. But as I am posting reviews of many traders from both social investing networks, I have noticed that Cynthia has exactly same strategy description as Kama-Spot.

Actually only this part: “Dear followers! My trading system is based on the clear fulfillment of the basic rules of technical analysis. For different time intervals used their methods of analysis and indicators, depending in what phase is the market.”
She couldn´t use full description as space in eToro Bio section is limited.

Here is a screenshot from Kama-Spot´s stats page.


And here is a screenshot from Cynthia1000´s profile


Interesting, isn´t it? Ok, the strategy description is almost identical copy, but does she really copy his trades?
Well, probably not, even tough her recent trading stats went down the river same as Kama-Spot´s. But basic fact that she executes almost 2 times more trades monthly than him suggests that the only thing she copied from him is his strategy description.

Or? If we wanted to create some “spy theories” I am sure we could come up with some of them 🙂

For now you can compare trading results of Cynthia1000 from eToro and Kama-Spot from Zulutrade.

3 comments to Is eToro Trader Cynthia1000 Copying Zulutrade´s Former Number 1 Signal Provider Kama-Spot?

  • cynthia1000

    Hello there,

    haha – this is a great ! well I have to tell you that I do not copy any trades from savedfx. I am a forex trader and i really have nothing to do with zulutrade saved fx. I did like the description of saved fx, so this is why you probablly thik that I copy the trades – but i do not 🙂

    best of luck – great articule 🙂

  • cynthia1000