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Ethereum trading gained profits: TripleAFund update #12

Wow…time is running so fast.

It already has been one year since I posted last post about my trading account TripleAFund on eToro. So let´s take a look what´s new about my trading.

First of all….I do not copy other traders any more! I do trade manually myself only.

But on the other hand I already gained some copiers, people who copy trade me. I already had 20 of them, but in november last year when I was down little bit, most of them dissapeared. Small -2,56% drawdown caused them to panic and flee.

No comment 🙂 Currently I have 6 copiers.

Now, let´s see my performance table


Last year 2016 was looking great, but October and November did not finish in green numbers and so my overall yearly profit was only 1,88%. I know, not much but I am glad it was a profitable year.

But take a look how 2017 started 🙂

I am already up 9,76% . Big profit secured from my last Ethereum trade. For those who don´t know: Ethereum is another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Etoro recently added it for trading. Just look at its chart and recent volatility.

ethereum trading chart

I opened my trade when Ethereum price was around 17, in just few days the price jumped above 50, so I moved m stoploss to 40, but yesterdays volatility hit my StopLoss.

Anyway, my invested amount more than doubled 🙂

So that´s it for today…I am really curious what next months have for me.

Happy trading to all of you

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