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Erik Bork (swingtraderDK) | No Loss Swing Trading Strategy

swing trader proToday I would like to present you a very successful swing forex trader from Denmark who has been recently suggested by eToro´s editors as someone worth copying.

His name is  Erik Bork (alias swingtraderDK) and has been trading on eToro platform since mid 2017.

Great thing about this swing trader pro is that has been applying a no loss swing trading strategy so far.

So who is Erik Bork?

1. Trader´s Introduction

Erik Bork is Danish popular investor who has been trading since 2014 and provides his trading signals on largest social investing platform eToro since mid 2017.

Usually we do not review social traders on eToro who have so short trading record, but Erik has a very extraordinary trading performance that we have made an exception.

Erik Bork describes himself as a swing trader (someone between day trader and position trader) and holds his trades from couple of hours to several days.

What stands behind his no loss forex swing trading strategy?

Erik says that his main approach to swing trading is technical analysis but also follows fundamentals that could affect his trades.

2. Trader´s Trading Performance

As I have already mentioned, Erik´s has 100% winning swing trading strategy. Not in terms of single trades but in terms of months.

100% winning swing trading strategy

Since he started to trade on social trading platform eToro in Jun 2017 he was able to finish every single month in green with profit.

You can see one red month which is current month and is not finished yet. Erik still have 3 weeks to finish it in green and keep his 100% winning swing trading strategy alive.

One way or another we have to admit that Danish swing trader Erik has been performing very well and gained +34,49% in the last 12 months.

3. Trader´s Risk Score

swing trader risk score
According to eToro´s risk score algorithm, Erik fits to low risk swing trading strategy.

His overall risk score for this month is 3 out of 10. But during last 12 months his risk score was oscilating between 1 and 9.

Lowest risk was in July 2017 and highest in October 2017.

If you decide to copy this swing trader, based on historical data, you can expect to experience maximum drawdown:

– daily -9.72%
– weekly -11.96%
– yearly -20.58%

Of course these are historical data and future results can be different.

4. Trader´s Popularity

swing trader copyErik Bork alias swingtraderDK currently rides on a wave of popularity.

His no loss swing trading strategy combined with status of featured popular investor on eToro´s Editor Choice List is a guarantee of fast growing number of copiers.

Erik was able to very quickly accrue 144 copiers and this number will grow even faster if he continues in his winning swing trading style and will remain displayed among best etoro traders.

Erik currently manages between $50k and $100k of his copiers funds.

 5. Trader´s Favourite Assets

Almost half  of Eriks´s trades are currency pairs (FOREX) , interestingly recently he prefers to trade exotic pair USDMXN.

One third of his trades are commodities, mostly Gold.

Rest of his trades are indicis like GER30.

6. Pros and Cons

In this section I would like to shortly list couple of pros and cons of this trader so you can better decide whether you give him a chance to trade with your money or not.


– 100% winning swing trading strategy (months)
– nice gain +34% in the last 12 months
– currently very low risk score


– short trading record on eToro
– huge risk score in October 2017


7. Last Words

There is no doubt that Danish social trader  Erik Bork (alias swingtraderDK) with his winning swing trading strategy has been performing very well in the last 12 months on social investing network eToro.

Copying him is very tempting for many eToro members. Currently everything looks bright and we do not have any objections. If you like Erik´s trading results go ahead and copy him. Just do not forget to diversify and remember that past performance is not guarantee of future profits.


Warning: All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose. Past performance does not guarantee future results. This post is for educational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice

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