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Ekrem Ozegovic (merkur73) | eToro CopyTrader with Lowest Risk Score?

low risk traderYesterday I was posting an article about Belgian copy trader Catalina Norena who is featured on eToro´s Editors Choice list despite her very short trading record.  The reason for that is she trades assets most copy traders don´t.

Today I would like to introduce you Ekrem Ozegovic (alias merkur73) who is also on Editor´s Choice list despite the fact that his gain in the last 12 month is only 5,94%.

So let´s review this copy trader and find out why eToro editors has preferred him before other high gainers.

1. Trader´s Introduction

Ekrem Ozegovic is from Slovenia and he has been with eToro for 7 years already. First years has not been very good for him but then he has probably changed his trading strategy because suddenly he was able to show gains every year.

His gains are not huge but his trading account grows slow and steady. Ekrem´s main focus in trading is on currency pairs, from time to time if he sees a good opportunity he also trades gold or silver.

Ekrem says that trading is his hobby and most of his trades are done via orders.

2. Trader´s Trading Performance

Ekrem has been trading on social investing network eToro for more than 7 years. It is a long trading record but as you can see years 2010-2014 were really tough for him. It looks like he was just learning how to trade.

trading performance

Year 2015 was a huge milstone for Ekrem as he was able to break even and book a small profit 1.11%.  Since then, all remaining years 2016 and 2017 were profitable when he gained 19.11% and 8.10%. This has probably helped him to get selected among Top eToro Traders.

3. Trader´s Risk Score

Three profitable years in a row might help to get selected by eToro editors, however I think that Ekrem´s risk score was something that put a big weight to the whole selection proces.

risk score low

Just look at that. On 1-10 scale this trader has the lowest possible risk score 1! His maximum daily drawdown is almost zero: -0.58% and his yearly drawdown is only -1.44%.

There is nothing to add to this. If you are not a big profits hunter and low risk is more important to you, Ekrem Ozegovic is definetely your man.

4. Trader´s Popularity

popularity As you probably already know, being in Top Traders list on social trading network eToro is an easy way to gain a lot of attention and to attract many new copiers in a very short time.

eToro traders with low gains do not get as much popularity like high gainers (for example jaynemesis who gained 340% and had more thn 14,000 copiers) but still there are 210 people copying Ekrem´s trading activity.

Only in last 7 days 22 new traders decided to copy him.  But as you can see on the copiers chart, number of his copiers fluctuates. Why is that? Nobody knows how average copier thinks. But I would bet that on top of list is a greed: They simply want to earn more money faster.

5. Trader´s Favourite Assets

Almost 98% of all trades Ekrem executes are currencies. Less than 2% are commodity trades like gold or silver and only 0.6% goes to stocks.

Out of currencies, Ekrem´s most favourite are GBPCAD, GBPAUD and EURUSD pairs.

6. Pros and Cons

In this section I would like to shortly list couple of pros and cons of this trader so you can better decide whether you give him a chance to trade with your money or not.


–  long trading record with eToro
– profitable trading performance in last 3 years
– very, very low risk score
– he specializes on Forex segment


– four years of losses in 2010-2014
–  low gains

7. Last Words

Slovenian forex trader Ekrem Ozegovic alias merkur73 has been selected by eToro editors to their top traders list so there must be something about him.

After long four hard years 2010-2014 he was able to turn to a profitable forex trader who is slowly gaining on popularity.

Huge advantage of the trader is very low risk score. So if you are afraid of risk, Ekrem might be a great addition to your copy trading portfolio. On the other hand you have to count on lower gains comparing to other featured popular investors from eToro´s social community.

Warning: Trading carries risk. Only risk capital you are prepared to lose. Past performance in not an indication of future results.

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